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Beltway Betrayers (Book 2): A Heart-Thumping Modern Romance, A Powerfully Inventive & Edgy Novel

A Genuine Action Adventure Thriller That Will Get You Hooked!

Plunge into a captivating story filled with suspense and follow the steps of Alex Gantry, who is striving to escape her haunting past in the pursuit of a better life.

A Gripping Romantic, Intriguing Thriller

This time the threat is LETHAL.

“So we’re both dating a James Bond.” — “T.J.’s more of an Ethan Hunt.”

When Alex meets handsome and mysterious Gale, she’s drawn like a magnet to him. Unable to resist, she follows her fate. Opening the doors to a passionate LOVE TRIANGLE that renders this edgy romantic thriller a compelling read even for the most demanding readers.

To what extremes is Brian willing to go to get what he wants?

In the pages of this seductive book you can join the characters in their intertwining adventures and share their intense moments like you were standing right there with them, witnessing the unraveling of the mystery first-hand.

Walk into an alluring world filled with fierce battles, love, power, passion and ruthless wealth as you travel all the way from Washington to Los Angeles in order to unveil the truth!

The Excitement Of A Hair-Raising Action Thriller

With a captivating, thorough analysis of the characters and a genuinely intriguing narration, this edgy psychological thriller will take you on an unforgettable trip through the maze of human feelings, where desires, passion, lust and ambitions collide with vanity and greed.

The breakout book in the Beltway Series is a gateway to a universe where vengeance, kidnapping, merciless chase and intense passion create a story so unique, it promises to leave you speechless.