Macron Wins Big, France Rejects Le Pen

PARIS — Emmanuel Macron, a youthful former investment banker with little political experience, was well ahead in France’s presidential election on Sunday, suggesting that his call for a new centrist approach to politics would handily defeat the staunch nationalism of his far-right opponent, Marine Le Pen, according to projections based on preliminary results. [New York Times]

THIS IS good news for Europe, with France showing steadiness amid some tough months that rallied French citizens to stand strong.

Le Pen’s politics will not disappear, but it’s heartening to see her brand roundly refuted. Although it should be noted that her father received only around 15% of the vote when he ran.

Flux is the new political norm.

Outsiders rule.

If he wins, Mr. Macron, 39, will become the youngest president in the 59-year history of France’s Fifth Republic, after leading an improbable campaign that amounted to a stinging rebuke of the country’s long-dominant political establishment.

Lean on, President Macron.