Macron Looks Strong in Le Pen Face Off May 7

Map via The New York Times

Macron is an overwhelming favorite to win the runoff on May 7. But we’re likely to hear two weeks of punditry that draws misleading comparisons between Le Pen, President Trump and Brexit — and that exaggerates Le Pen’s chances as a result. [Five Thirty-Eight]

THERE WAS a collective cry of exultation on Sunday after the man from his newly formed En Marche! party, Emmanuel Macron, prevailed in the first stage of the French elections.

The Socialist Party and Les Républicains, center-left and center-right parties respectively, took a drubbing.

Extremes are in but the centrists have to go somewhere, especially looking at what Marine Le Pen‘s presidency would mean for France’s identity, something that is never far from the French people’s minds.

“This is deadly serious now,” with French parties uniting against Le Pen.

As one of the many France-loving Americans watching this race closely, the thought of Le Pen prevailing appears to me far worse than anything Donald Trump would concoct.

Mr. Macron is pro-European Union at a moment where France’s support means the difference in the EU surviving.

President François Hollande‘s candidate, Benoît Hamon, was crushed, and he swiftly gave his support to Macron.

The New York Times

France may be entering a new, fractured political era, but on Sunday its voters showed that they remained receptive to Mr. Macron’s hopeful message, including his openness to immigrants and diversity, despite a recent spate of terrorist attacks and Ms. Le Pen’s dark campaign. Mr. Macron said on Sunday that he wanted to be the “president of patriots, to face the threat of nationalists,” holding himself out as France’s true agent of change after decades of government failure. France will now face a stark choice on May 7, and hopes for Europe will ride not just on a win by Mr. Macron, but on his subsequent success in delivering on his commitment.