Below the Beltway teaser on Instafreebie

THE FIRST four chapters of my debut novel, Below the Beltway, is now on Instafreebie.

If you want to learn why and how I created my strong female characters, SLAVE TO LOVE AND ROMANCE – Discovering Alex Gantry, is now on Instafreebie, too.

“[…] The perfect relationship is an equal-power prospect. The only control over you that a man has is the power you give him. In that surrendered power is the failure of most modern relationships.

When readers meet Alex Gantry in the first installment of “The Beltway Series,” she’s learning what happens when you take your eye off of what it is that you want. It’s a sobering lesson that propels Alex into making a life-altering decision to reclaim parts of her life that she’s ignored out of convenience.

Sharing power in a relationship is what has a better chance of making you and your partner happy. Then he can step up to do what he does best and that is to add to your happiness by delivering the part of life that’s possible for him to offer. It may consist of working every day and delivering a paycheck that, added to yours, amounts to a step up for you both. It could mean lobster dinners and champagne, or a truck ride to a campground and a romantic barbecue. But if you make clear what you want and what is required of him by setting it up in a[…]”

Excerpt From: Taylor Marsh. “Slave to Love & Romance – Discovering Alex Gantry.”

Get ready for Beltway Betrayers, coming in May, when all of your questions will be answered.