Trump’s Russia Ties Scrambles Washington, White House Cover-Up Escalates
graphic via Twitter (source unknown)

Our president is a liar, and we need to find out how serious his latest lies are. – David Leonhardt [New York Times]

TO UNDERSTAND the gravity of what happened on Monday in the United States you have to put a different person in the chair where FBI Director James Comey sat.

Imagine J. Edgar Hoover giving such public testimony against a sitting president and his campaign, intimating that an investigation into ties to a foreign adversary may take a long time to untangle.

By the time the first mini-break was called for by Comey, Sean Spicer was ready and catapulted himself into the White House briefing room to escalate the cover-up of incompetence and the assault on facts and truth unrivaled since Reagan and Iran-Contra.

Spicer had the gall to float the lie that Michael Flynn was a “volunteer,” and that Paul Manafort had a minor role.

Spicer purposefully misrepresented the facts, otherwise known as a bald-faced lie, about Manafort, who came into the campaign at a moment when everyone, including Democrats, were hoping for an adult in Trump’s romper room of a campaign.

Spicer’s descent into mindnumbing state propaganda felt foreign.

History’s chroniclers have never seen such an episode.

Nixon’s Watergate was a second-rate burglary.

Trump has encouraged his coterie of political mercenaries and the FBI is investigating whether he may have gone much further. We saw him ask Russia to find Secretary Clinton’s emails. We witnessed Michael Flynn’s disgrace when he was forced to admit he was a foreign agent of Turkey while working for Donald Trump. Paul Manafort fled the campaign when his ties to Ukraine became an uncomfortable reality. That was after a strange change was made in the Republican platform that hurt Ukrainian sovereignty.

How ignorant does a man have to be not to know his primary national security adviser has another country’s interests in mind above America’s?

No one should be confused by what all of this means.

Trump is in the White House because voters wanted him there.

As long as he is in office, DJT IS America.

The best spin that can be put on Director Comey’s Trump-Russia investigation bombshell is that Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee performed spectacularly, while Republicans launched an attack on the First Amendment and how reporting works.

Trump’s first 100 days looks like an out of control bonfire.

Resurrections happen in politics all of the time.

Hobbling President Trump would mean a failed agenda that would make Republicans think twice before defending.

Members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus said Monday night that they are confident they have enough votes to defeat the GOP’s ObamaCare replacement bill unless substantial changes are made. [The Hill]

A wounded politician is the most dangerous.

Trump voters don’t care about Russia.

Democrats in Washington seem to understand the disconnect.