Nunes Turns Trump Surrogate, Adam Schiff Delivers Ultimatum
screen capture via Huffington Post

“[Rep. Nunes] will need to decide if he is the chairman of an independent investigation or if he’s a surrogate for the White House.” – Rep. Adam Schiff

AT THE END of the Intelligence Committee hearings on Monday, Rep. Devin Nunes spoke directly to FBI Director James Comey. His message was simple. There is now a cloud over the White House, you put it there and you’d better do something about it.

Nunes was not a happy Congress critter and decided to do something about it. But going around his own committee to push a hyperbolic lede that was meant to confuse the press and throw doubt on Monday’s appearance by the FBI and NSA (Admiral Mike Rogers) directors.

The result was not what he intended.

Instead of helping President Loco, Nunes kicked the door open for a wide-ranging conversation on an independent commission.

Donald Trump has one move that would solve all of this. Use his presidential powers to pardon all of his closest aides, as well as anyone else who might be close. It’s perfectly legal.

and politically poisonous.

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