Love Triangles, From Infamous, to Sassy Modern Romance

IN Gone with the Wind, Scarlett O’Hara pines over Ashley Wilkes. How could she allow her fears to keep her from succumbing to Rhett Butler’s magnetism?

“Tomorrow is another day,” Scarlett says. The eternal optimism of lovers who have lost everything through phantom fantasies.

The love triangle is the tortured, unsatisfied sister of the ménage à trois, which has the power to quench the fantasies of people if nothing else.

Casablanca is the exception to the classic love triangle, where one poor soul loses his heart, and, usually, his or her dignity. Everyone knows this story. What makes it so rare is that the three people in the love triangle, Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman), Rick Blaine (Humprey Bogart), and Victor Laszlo (Paul Henreid), each have heroic qualities. They also, remarkably, protect one another.

Henry VIII of England used a love triangle, starring Catherine of Aragon and Ann Boleyn, to start a new church in order to give himself a divorce in his quest for immortality.

The great Cleopatra played Julius Caesar and Mark Antony against each other. Karma delivered a lesson to her later through Mark Antony’s wife, Octavia. When Antony abandoned her, Octavian, her brother, used the betrayal of his sister as a weapon against Mark Antony. The prize was the Roman Empire.

The complex nature of a deeply juicy love triangle makes it rich to explore through mere mortal characters. Average people who get caught in Eros’s grip with more than two people having immediate stakes in the outcome.

In Beltway Betrayers, an edgy modern love triangle is at the center of the story.

Alex Gantry loves T.J. Gale. It’s a new relationship that’s gone through a lot of testing but is in for a roller coaster ride this time. Thousands of miles away in Los Angeles, Alex’s ex-boyfriend, Hollywood mogul Brian Marks, is grappling with the loss of Alex to a man 20 years his junior, who Brian thinks is half the man he is. The two lovers, Alex and T.J., want Brian out of their lives, but he has no intention of granting their request without a battle.

The love triangle in the musical West Side Story leads to a rumble, stabbings, and death.

Beltway Betrayers includes more than just Brian looking for revenge and the woman he loves. It’s a thrill ride for the reader from Washington, D.C., to New York City, to Los Angeles, California. Brian intends on getting Alex back and is willing to do anything to make it happen. T.J.’s watching his every move, convinced he can protect Alex.

Get ready for the twists, confrontations, and the steamy consummations, and upheavals you won’t expect.

Alex is at the center of a dangerous love triangle and this time the threat is lethal.

The breakout book in the Beltway Series is a gateway to a universe where vengeance, kidnapping, merciless chase, and intense passion create a story so unique, it promises to leave you speechless. PREORDER and download on May 12.