Super Bowl Ad War Win Goes to Audi

The lawsuit, filed just days before the Super Bowl, names all 26 NFL teams that have cheerleading squads — an overwhelming majority in the 32-team league. Among them are 2017 Superbowl winners the New England Patriots as well as the opposing Atlanta Falcons. [NBC News]

THE NFL is being sued by its cheerleaders, so the Audi commercial had particular relevance during the Super Bowl.

Former Oakland Raiders cheerleader Caitlin Yates said in a statement emailed to NBC News that even the mascots — who do little more than wear a furry costume — were paid more than ten times what cheerleaders earn.

“We’re not asking to be paid like the football players are,” said Yates. “But if you look at the mascot, who’s paid between $25,000-$60,000 a year, it’s just not fair for what we put into it.”

Cheerleaders are underpaid because their role is seen as some sort of privilege.

Try doing a series of backflips or, perhaps, attempt a front flip while standing on the shoulders of two people and into the waiting arms of a man two body-lengths below you.

Not everything cheerleaders do require athletic skill, however, most mascot jobs require little or no talent at all.

This is but one example of how women are expected to accept lower pay.