Romance, Jackie Kennedy, and a Book 2 Teaser


Valentine’s Day can be fun, a nightmare, and it can also bring up memories of great love affairs.

A news item in the New York Times caught my eye this week.

Letters From Jacqueline Kennedy to the Man She Didn’t Marry

His name was David Ormsby Gore. It is reported that President John F. Kennedy valued Gore’s advice above all others. Bobby Kennedy verified it.

The two men, a year apart in age, were extremely close, and President Kennedy consulted with him on every key issue of foreign policy, especially during the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, and in discussions of Vietnam and nuclear disarmament.

Robert Kennedy said that Mr. Ormsby Gore was “almost a part of the government,” adding that the president “would rather have his judgment than that of anybody else.”

Beltway Betrayers (The Beltway Series, Book 2)

The mystique behind the Kennedys and everyone in their orbit conjures up an era that seems quaint from today’s vantage point.

One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is a fundamental reason women choose the men we do.

You don’t have to be Jacqueline Kennedy to appreciate the safety a partner can add to your life. Her circumstances after her husband was assassinated made safety an even bigger issue for her, as David Ormsby Gore would learn.

This draw for a man to want to protect the woman he loves, watch over you, is wrapped up in our relationships.

Being a feminist doesn’t change this primal need for a man.

There is a balance, however, and the types of psychologically suspenseful romance I write revolve around this dance between my heroine, Alex Gantry, and her new lover, T.J. Gale.

…and the man who can’t let Alex go.

It gets intense in Beltway Betrayers, The Beltway Series – Book 2.