Dodging Bullets, NSA Appointee H.R. McMaster Brings Relief

But for now, ending Trump one way or another is apparently the tortured pathway his critics are taking to exit their self-created labyrinth of irrelevance. – Victor Davis Hanson [National Review]

FOR THE second time, the U.S. national security apparatus has dodged the John Bolton bullet. In choosing H.R. McMaster to be his national security advisor, President Trump has appeased the foreign policy poobahs in a big way.

McMaster’s appointment is another sign the conservative right, led by Bannon and Miller, is faltering inside a White House whose foreign policy is in shambles, as Secretary Tillerson is kept out of the loop, and messages overseas leave our allies mystified, and Secretary Mattis shrugs off Trump’s verbal babbling on… everything.

The scene for the McMaster announcement was… embarrassing.

#ContradictingTrump is now a trending topic.

H.R. McMaster is the most independent mind inside the Trump administration, as far as I can tell. In the position he will hold, McMaster will face maximum resistance from the Steve Bannon wing of Trumpville. Bring it, because McMaster is up to it, by all accounts.

The bookend to this appointment is the fall of Milos Yiannopoulos, which began in Berkley, continued last Friday, and now includes Simon & Shuster dumping his book Dangerous, as the roiling it represents on the right comes into focus.

Just read Victor Davis Hanson at the National Review today. He’s carrying the Rush Limbaugh theme that Trump’s presidency is being subverted. Comparing the 2017 drama to the film “Seven Days in May,” Hanson has completely lost touch with reality.

That’s pretty much the entire story on the right, starting with Rush Limbaugh’s daily tirades.

As for Milos, once again the First Amendment becomes the disinfectant for toxic people and their self-centered ideas that revolve around their own self-aggrandizement. His trouble began on Bill Maher‘s “Real Time” last Friday night. It continued when CPAC invited Yiannopoulos to speak at their annual gathering. The conservative union wasn’t consulted and was ready to rumble but it didn’t come to that after a grotesque video was unearthed and all hell broke loose.

As for Simon & Shuster’s decision, they were very excited about Milos until it became unpopularity to be so.

…and amidst it all, the Russian connection to Trump and his allies continues to be investigated, making a lot of Republicans on Capitol Hill very nervous. The late night briefing last week by Director Comey has been met with sober silence, a rarity in the Trump era.