Nervous America …waits for another tweet.

According to an official within the Department of Energy, the Trump transition team has declined to ask the head of the National Nuclear Security Administration and his deputy to temporarily stay in their roles after Trump takes office on January 20th. […] It’s unclear when the two officials will be replaced. Their offices will remain vacant until they are. [Gizmodo]

THERE ARE so many ways PEOTUS Trump makes people nervous.

Nominating Senator Jeff Sessions to be the attorney general of the United States is one.

…and get a load of this.

Attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions did not disclose his ownership of oil interests on land in Alabama as required by federal ethics rules, according to an examination of state records and independent ethics lawyers who reviewed the documents.

As for the quote at the top of this post. Mr. Trump leaving the two positions open in the National Nuclear Security Administration is the first time it’s ever happened. It doesn’t mean our nuclear arsenal will be vulnerable, but there are all sorts of ramifications when civil servants doing jobs that help the U.S. national security cogs keep rolling are missing.

It’s not like firing the concierge.

According to our source, both officials “have expressed [to the Trump team] that they would likely be willing to stay to facilitate a smooth transition, if asked,” as is the tradition for key officials, and have received no response. Their goodbye party is scheduled for next Thursday. [Gizmodo]