Original photo by Pete Souza, memeified immediately upon release.

As the World Turns in Trumpland Original photo by Pete Souza, memeified immediately upon release.

Flynn, a former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, crossed out a spate of candidates for national security and intelligence positions, including retired Marine General Peter Pace, retired Admiral William McRaven, retired Marine General James Mattis and former House Intelligence chairman Mike Rogers. All had been supported by Sessions and Christie. [NBC News]

IT TAKES a lot to make the foreign policy community sit up and cry, Say WHA? But General Michael Flynn nixing General Peter Pace and Admiral William McRaven, the latter responsible for the Osama bin Laden raid, is an eye-opener.

A news tidbit from the Guardian makes up for it… General David Petraeus is another name in the running for secretary of state.

General Stanley McChrystal’s former intelligence man, General Michael Flynn, was “sacked” by President Obama, which he has admitted in print, having much of the same opinion of the current Commander in Chief as McChrystal.

“Flynn has been a firsthand witness to government screw-ups, smokescreens, and censored information that our leaders don’t want us to know. A year before he was scheduled to retire, Flynn was sacked as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency for, among other things, telling a Congressional Committee that the American people are in more danger than we were just a few years ago.” [source]

As a potential national security adviser, “big stick” gets new meaning. Can General Flynn be an “honest broker”? That’s the thing that matters most and there’s a lot of evidence he can. It’s an appointment, not a nomination, and Flynn seems to already be comfortable with the incoming president.

Even the guest list was scrambled early, sources with knowledge of the gathering told NBC News. Gens. Michael Flynn and Keith Kellogg, two close advisers to Trump, had not been invited but joined the group in progress anyway, with Flynn bearing instructions from Trump’s son-in-law and consigliore, Jared Kushner, to exercise veto power over all national security decisions. [NBC News]

Temperament and judgment is another issue for Flynn, and we haven’t even gotten to his Turkey and Russia entanglements. We’ll see if General Michael Flynn is chosen but he’s been given power during transition.

Andrea Mitchell had a remarkable interview with Senator Bob Corker today, wherein he auditioned to camera. It was an impressive video job interview, in my opinion.

…and we’ve gone from Rudy braying his brilliance to news that Mitt Romney will be meeting with President-elect Trump this weekend. Media rumors are swirling that he may be considered for secretary of state.

The only one who knows is Mr. Trump and he’s going to enjoy watching everyone fall over themselves to guess who the lucky winners of the Administration version of “The Apprentice” unfolds.

None of this drama fazes me; I lived through William Jefferson Clinton‘s transition, which was bedlam.