TRUMPQUAKE, The Autopsy President Barack Obama meets with President-elect Donald Trump in the Oval Office, Nov. 10, 2016. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

President Barack Obama meets with President-elect Donald Trump in the Oval Office, Nov. 10, 2016.
(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

As America dissects the results of Tuesday’s election, one trend stands out: Tens of thousands of women — 53 percent of all white female voters, according to exit polls — chose Mr. Trump, playing a crucial role in his victory. [New York Times]

WHILE CLINTON SUPPORTERS remain in tears and in shock, disbelief, heading into depression, the facts of the outcome of Tuesday’s defeat for Hillary Clinton are stark.

It’s made me finally understand the need for a **trigger warning** because some of you may not be up to reading what I have to say.

You can’t win an election if Democrats don’t turn out.

The rural countryside of the North swung overwhelmingly to Mr. Trump. Most obvious was Iowa, where Mr. Obama won easily in 2012 but where Mr. Trump prevailed easily. These gains extended east, across Wisconsin and Michigan to New England. Mr. Trump won Maine’s Second Congressional District by 12 points; Mr. Obama had won it by eight points. … But Mr. Obama fared very poorly only among white voters in the South. He ran well ahead of Mrs. Clinton just about everywhere else. – Nate Cohn

From the start, Hillary Clinton and her team assumed the Democratic base would always be there. Democrats surrogates of great stature, including President Obama, did everything they could. The candidate didn’t deliver.

President-elect Trump never stopped making the case to his base, which expanded with every rally especially at the end. Kellyanne Conway and Jared Kushner knew their voters and the turnout model that would deliver the presidency to their candidate.

Clinton’s loss originates with the fact that she didn’t have an economic message and actually believed getting Republicans to cross over was more important than her own base.

What is fascinating to ponder is the psychological straight jacket that obviously permeated Clinton and her campaign. Their disgust at Donald Trump’s persona handicapped their strategy from beginning to end. Making him the villain Hillary Clinton forgot to tell voters why she was their heroine.

Progressives detest William Jefferson Clinton so his frustrations and alarm were ignored, Team Clinton repeating the same grave campaign errors as Al Gore, ending up with the same result.

But in general, Bill Clinton’s viewpoint of fighting for the working class white voters was often dismissed with a hand wave by senior members of the team as a personal vendetta to win back the voters who elected him, from a talented but aging politician who simply refused to accept the new Democratic map. [Politico]

Clinton delivered a Dukakis election result for Democrats because in places she needed minority voters, like Florida, she performed worse than Obama in 2012 almost every time and she ignored blue state blues that Sanders foreshadowed.

Mr. President, with all due respect, many of these workers don’t translate what you have done to them. They don’t feel better off. Their real wages have not risen in decades, and in fact for many it has dropped. They have less purchasing power; their health insurance costs more; they don’t trust their pensions to be there; and because we are a cyclical industry, they are frightened that something bad could happen at any time. – Rep. Debbie Dingell

I understand the disappointment but Democrats should be pissed because they lost an election they should have won and lost Senate and House seats because of an establishment Democratic Party who chooses lousy candidates in state after state. It’s perhaps why Senator Chuck Schumer is backing Rep. Keith Ellison for the DNC.

When the ACA premium hikes landed, which everyone knew was coming, “stronger together” became a reminder to all of those working class people that their premiums went up to pay for someone else to get health insurance cheaper than they were.

Hillary Clinton never outlined her solution for voters. Never drove the message on the economy. Thinking plans on a website would resonate was close to farcical.

FBI Director Comey’s letter is providing an excuse for many Democrats, as is the media, and [fill in your grievance here]. Every piece of bad news, whether Comey or Wikileaks, only substantiated what people already felt about Hillary Clinton.

Van Jones on CNN deemed the 2016 election cycle as a “whitelash.” He may be right but when candidate Donald Trump starte saying in his closing argument that if people elect Hillary there will be more and more investigations, I can imagine people recoiling in horror.

President-elect Trump won more voters than Romney in MI, PA, FL, NC, WI, IA, OH, NH, despite Gary Johnson. He won more votes than any Republican going back to the 1980s.

You would think the Republican primary would have humbled Democrats a bit but it didn’t.

Nobody knows what a President-elect Trump will bring. He’s not conservative and he’s said he won’t tinker with Social Secruity. ACA is on the chopping block, and we may actually see a wall being built, all beginning in the First 100 Days. We should all hope that’s not his plan for “infrastructure” spending.

No Republican president or former presidential candidate offered any campaign help to candidate Donald Trump before Election Day. Speaker Ryan stayed away. But Trump’s not a man who depends on the good opinion of others outside his own orbit so he never got defensive, which leads to an interesting question.

Race, sexism, xeonophobia, Donald Trump campaigned for the presidency using any means necessary to get there, which has sent people into the streets.

But when President Trump gets in a jam or needs counsel from someone in the Presidents’ Club, will he call The Bushes or President William Jefferson Clinton or President Obama?

We’ve got an independent in the White House who’s conservative on national security issues whether it’s the border or Syria, and leans progressive on being against new wars. Is liberal on social policy but will deliver to the voters who elected him conservative judges that will send shivers down liberal corridors. Will repleal ACA and replace it with… while he campaigned on keeping Social Security intact.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is ready to work with President-elect Trump where they can find common ground but she’s sent a message through her interview with Rachel Maddow that Democrats need to be prepared to mobilize. She has no intention of supporting the worst ideas coming from Trumpland.

What Democrats and progressive have to understand is that their power has been extinguished for now. The only thing left to do is rebuild and it can’t start soon enough.

TM Note: I’d been thinking about what to call the election and started pondering adjectives. Then I heard Bob Woodward use “trumpquake” on MSNBC and it stuck.