New Podcast: Between the Sheets, with Taylor Marsh (Episode 5)

New Podcast: Between the Sheets, with Taylor Marsh
(Episode 5)

THE BIG PODCAST news this week is my very first Amazon Giveaway for Election Day. It’s the first time Below the Beltway (The Beltway Modern Millionaire Romance Series, Book 1) will be FREE.

Make sure you snare a copy here starting next Tuesday, November 8.

It’s my gift to everyone to celebrate the end of this infernal presidential election cycle, which has gone on way too long.

Today in the podcast I talk once again about strong women because that’s the focus of my fiction.

As always, I close with a reading from my debut romantic suspense, Below the Beltway, and this week it revolves around our heroine, Alex Gantry, and her adversary, Lisa Gale Dalaney. Here’s a partial snippet:

“Alex Gantry.” Alex was as formal as she could muster.


“It’s Lisa Gale. I wondered if we could chat.”

“Not sure what we have to talk about.”

“Your relationship with my ex-husband, for one,” she replied.

“Oh, that. But you’re still using his name? Embarrassing. How sad for you.” “He’s really not the man you think he is,” she said.

“No man is. But that body of his, I mean, what’s a girl to do?” Alex replied. Taunting her was fun, because with it came risk.

“T.J. is a very complicated man.”

“And stamina? I mean, it’s better than two hours at the gym. He just keeps coming. At me, that is. He can’t get enough,” Alex replied.

What inspired me to read from this part of my book was something big that happened in the cultural world today, which I discuss on this week’s podcast.

The trailer for Wonder Woman has arrived. Your primer is from Vulture and it’s worth a read.

It’s foreshadowing of some of the women characters we may be seeing next year and in the foreseeable future, because strong women rule.

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