Perfect Political Storm: ACA, Comey's Trumpland, & Emails  photo by Pete Souza, public domain

Perfect Political Storm: ACA, Comey’s Trumpland, & Emails
photo by Pete Souza, public domain

If Clinton lost New Hampshire but won her other firewall states, each candidate would finish with 269 electoral votes, taking the election to the House of Representatives. Or maybe not — if Clinton also lost the 2nd Congressional District of Maine, where polls show a tight race and where the demographics are unfavorable to her, Trump would win the Electoral College 270-268, probably despite losing the popular vote. – Nate Silver

HILLARY CLINTON is facing the perfect election storm in the last days of the 2016 presidential race.

The Affordable Care Act premium hikes are a killer, but then I’ve been writing about this since Democrats passed the landmark legislation that makes President Obama so proud. As I wrote at the time of his evisceration recently, President Bill Clinton was right about the costs and it’s kicking in at the worst possible time for Secretary Clinton.

If you would have told me that FBI Director Comey would insert himself into the presidential election cycle through the means that he did there would have been no way to argue Hillary Clinton had the advantage she has had for quite some time. Meaning that she hasn’t been behind Trump in most battleground states until the last days of tightening. There is no way to soften the extreme damage Comey’s “Trumpland” has caused in these last days.

These emails, CBS News’ Andres Triay reports, are not duplicates of emails found on Secretary Clinton’s private server. At this point, however, it remains to be seen whether these emails are significant to the FBI’s investigation into Clinton. It is also not known how many relevant emails there are. [CBS News]

The email saga, all balled up in Clinton’s private server, with Wikileaks added on top, has been bad for the Secretary from its start. Everyone reading here had to digest my criticisms of HRC and it didn’t go down well with anyone. Anytime the focus is on emails it reminds people of why they don’t trust Hillary Clinton. It pushes voters to take a chance on “change.” Hillary Clinton handed her adversaries an opening and no one else but HRC made the fateful choice of the private server.

Bret Baier has been disgraced by his disappointing choice to regurgitate from anonymous sources that the FBI was on their way to “an indictment” over a Clinton Foundation investigation, which furthered Spencer Ackerman’s reporting about the FBI now being “Trumpland.”

Secretary Clinton and her team never bet on her winning the presidency on her popularity. They’ve known from the start that this would come down to grinding it out in communities for each and every vote. She’s got the infrastructure to do this and be successful.

Donald Trump has no infrastructure and his voters aren’t regular voters so we don’t know how he’ll get these people to the polls. It’s not as easy as trusting their enthursiasm at rallies to be replicated at the polls; just ask Mitt Romney.

Can momentum for Trump make up the difference?

It depends.

Team Clinton and their candidate have the best political surrogates ever seen in an election cycle spanning out to all the states they need. They’ve got the money to run a lot of TV ads. We’re in the Virginia market so we’re seeing some fresh hell pointed at Donald Trump that could be damning.

What if at the very last minute momentum switches to Hillary?

Trump’s ads are like New York Post renditions, harsh colors and over the top exaggerated claims that in some ads boil down to lying that she’s in the middle of a “criminal” investigation.

Again on Thursday, Trump turned to misogyny while standing in front of Medal of Honor winners. He said that there was no way these MEN would take orders from Hillary Clinton. The inference was obvious: Military men won’t listen to a girl.

A long time ago I wrote that I still wasn’t convinced that America would elect a woman president.

That’s what’s now on the line.

The race is locked and we won’t know what we don’t know until after it’s over.

It remains advantage Clinton but it’s not the same race as it was before Director Comey’s letter bomb.

photo: Deputy Chief of Staff Anita Decker Breckenridge listens in as President Barack Obama talks on the phone aboard Air Force One with Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon to congratulate him and his team for winning the World Series, Nov. 3, 2016. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)