Neocon John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani, Scary State Choices

Neocon John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani, Scary State Choices

Aides to President-elect Trump are focusing on the former New York City mayor; former U.S. Ambassador to U.N. John Bolton also being considered… [Wall Street Journal]

SOME OF you may remember my collision with John Bolton back in 2006, “John Bolton Won’t Talk To Me.” The post was accompanied by a photoshop picture of me in a super hero suit that caused quite a stir. But not as much as when I attempted to confront Ambassador Bolton on his girl crush over Pamela Geller, a fanatical blogger.

Yes, that Pamela Geller.

It’s a long time ago but it revolved around stenography from Geller for Bolton, as well as pictures of the two fawning over each other, while Mr. Bolton wouldn’t talk to anyone else. It was back when I was still doing reporting, so I confronted Bolton’s office through his top aide at the time, challenging them to give people like me equal access. You can imagine the outcome.

John Bolton takes no back seat to dark Lord Dick Cheney on neoconservatism.

President-elect Trump considering Mr. Bolton for Secretary of State would take diplomacy back to the stone age. It’s incomprehensible that anyone would allow this militaristic hack near the State Department.

To top that, Rudy Giuliani thinks he’d be better as America’s to diplomatic. Let that sink it.

Rudy as diplomat?

Is this a script from “The Onion”?

It’s harrowing to think either of these men, one fully unmasked previously to have no interest in diplomacy. The other man so ill-tempered and unqualified that he thinks he can con Mr. Trump into thinking he has the skills, which is all about resurrecting his own career; either that, or his competition with Secretary Clinton is now so acute as to include scuttling U.S. foreign policy.

There should be a full court press by Republicans to keep these two men as far away from the State Department as possible.

If President-elect Trump lets either man into his foreign policy team in a cabinet position all bets are off on how dangeorus this could get for all of us.

…for Gov. Chris Christie and his allies, the purge has begun.

Eliot A. Cohen, senior State Department official, George W. Bush
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