Latinos, Ground Game and The Hillary Coalition  photo via the Clinton campaign (public domain)

Latinos, Ground Game and The Hillary Coalition
photo via the Clinton campaign (public domain)

Clinton 3 Points Ahead of Trump in Final Bloomberg National Poll – The Democrat has strong advantages among women, non-whites, Hispanics, and young voters. [Bloomberg Politics]

THE EARLY VOTE among Latinos is up over 150%, according to Matt Baretto, co-founder of Latino Decisions. That means Latinos are also “a larger share” of the voting populace than we’ve ever seen in an American election.

It’s a historic shift in the American electorate.

Through Saturday, 565,000 Hispanics had completed early in-person voting in Florida, a 100 percent increase over 2012, according to an analysis by Dan Smith, a University of Florida political science professor who tracks voting data.

Including absentee ballots, 911,000 Hispanics have voted — more than a third of whom did not vote in 2012. “We’re witnessing explosive early voting turnout of Hispanics — both those newly registered to vote as well as those who sat on the sidelines in 2012,” Smith said.

[Miami Herald]

The CEO from TargetSmart, who works with SurveyMonkey, said over the weekend on MSNBC that in Ohio 57% of early vote were women. He said it’s usually 52%. Donald Trump‘s lead is not all it’s cracked up to be. Then he said there’s virtually no organization for Trump and the organization for Team Clinton is working at full speed.

As for African Americans, Clinton is killing Trump among this demographic, which always comes home for Democrats in great numbers but no one should expect HRC to get the enthusiasm of Barack Obama among this demographic.

Hillary is working on her own coalition that includes Latinos finally flexing their voting power to send a message. It includes women of all political bents this year who want to send a message to Donald Trump. And it includes the foreign policy establishment and people like me who follow every twist in world events.

When Secretary Clinton stood in New Hampshire with Mr. Kahn, she began a pitch that revolved around the thought of giving Donald Trump the nuclear codes. She reminded people that once the order is given there is no review. A soldier who takes the order and carries it out is by her side campaigning today.

There could be an under vote for Hillary Clinton finally surfacing, see the above paragraph about Ohio. It’s why I believe she could win by 5-6%. Voters, including Republican women of husband’s who are for Trump, and women of all political parties too, with the largest block of voters Latinos, are energized to vote. NBC’s Mark Murray said they cannot calculate the number of Hispanics because they can’t grab a large enough sample because Latinos have have never maximized their clout.

Donald Trump has been the strongest GOTV inspiration for Latinos in American history.

It may even save Harry Reid’s Senate seat in Nevada.

One word of caution before tomorrow. Things are going to be unstable from early morning to late in the afternoon. Don’t bet your emotions on what you’ll hear or read, particularly on exit polling. Wait until 5:00 p.m. eastern time before you start depending on what you’re hearing.

You’ll just have to wait on Senate races, as well as the House. We won’t know until it’s dark on the eastern seaboard what’s really happening.

The advantage remains with Hillary Clinton as long as her coalition comes out and so far things are on track for Democrats.

If Florida goes for Hillary Clinton the race is O.V.E.R.