Election Day 2016, Time for Donald to Go Home photo via Clinton campaign (public domain)

Election Day 2016, Donald Go Home
photo via Clinton campaign (public domain)

Clinton won four votes, while Donald Trump picked up two. Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson earned one vote, as did former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, who isn’t running. [Politico]

NOBODY in Donald Trump‘s world is prepared for what will likely happen today, least of all the candidate.

The Clinton rally in North Carolina in the wee hours after midnight was raucous and followed an emotional rally in Philadelphia, President Obama and the First Lady‘s last. It was an incredible end to an unbelievable campaign.

Don’t be shocked if Secretary Clinton has a big night.

I mean yuge.

Then I cast my vote for Hillary Clinton. Let me rephrase that. I cast my vote against Donald Trump. I did it without joy or enthusiasm. I did it out of civic duty and love for our country. – Ana Navarro [CNN]