Democrats Turning to Progressives in Ellison for DNC

Democrats Turning to Progressives in Ellison for DNC

DEMOCRATS are moving on as fast as they can while digesting that their own constituencies handed them a stunning loss on Election Day 2016 by not coming out to vote.

The last time white women voted for a Democrat was William Jefferson Clinton. In 2016, 53% of white women voted for Donald J. Trump.

Senators Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Harry Reid have all endorsed Rep. Keith Ellison to run the DNC.

Whoever is chosen, the DNC chairman needs to be a full-time gig.

With Hillary Clinton‘s loss to Donald Trump, you’d think the humbling would begin but

The Clinton camp is putting the blame of Secretary Clinton’s loss on FBI Director James Comey. It might make them feel better and help Hillary’s supporters deal with the loss, but all it does to keen observers is drive home the point why she lost. Not even in defeat can Team Clinton and the candidate admit responsibility for her own actions which is what caused Comey’s role in the election in the first place.

When you don’t get your own people out across the country the map and the Electoral College math won’t add up. How would Clinton govern if the popular vote ruled? Have you seen the deep red American map lately?

The popular vote may seem a salve but it looks decidedly like a trap.

In a democratic republic, revolt could be sewed if all the red states were ignored for a popular vote whose beating heart left out so many people in so many states.

“Not real interested in California’s 9 million voters deciding every president,” wrote a Twitter user named plarkin88. Understandable — but they are people too. Why shouldn’t their votes count as much as those in relatively sparsely populated red states? I know, this is the system we have. But is it fair? [USA Today]

Considering Republicans own state legislatures and governorships, as well as the United States Congress, why would they allow the Electoral College to be abolished?

One caveat to the progressive takeover of the DNC. Team Hillary was replete with very strong progressives and their prejudices against rural America caused the blindness that led to a demoralizing defeat. The other thing that happened is that Team Hillary thought they knew it all and didn’t listen to anyone outside the Hillaryland bubble, people who were ringing alarm bells well before Election Day.

What’s that Bible quote?

Pride goeth before destruction…

Progressives are left to pick up the pieces.