Beyonce and J-Zee Stump for Hillary  photo via the Clinton campaign (public domain)

Beyonce and Jay Z Stump for Hillary
photo via the Clinton campaign
(public domain)

THE CAMPAIGN is at a close.

There’s evidence being reported across networks that the 2016 electorate is more diverse than the vote was in 2012. That’s good news for Hillary Clinton and bad news for Donald Trump.

Polls are all over the place and even the most beloved pollsters are being led around by the numbers.

I get why Silver wants to hedge. It’s not easy to sit here and tell you that Clinton has a 98 percent chance of winning. Everything inside us screams out that life is too full of uncertainty, that being so sure is just a fantasy. But that’s what the numbers say. What is the point of all the data entry, all the math, all the modeling, if when the moment of truth comes we throw our hands up and say, hey, anything can happen. If that’s how we feel, let’s scrap the entire political forecasting industry. [Huffington Post]

Something is either truth or fact and everything else is editorializing, which is what Mr. Silver is doing. Might as well own it.

And what if the unthinkable would happen? Hillary Clinton wins Florida shutting the race down early. There would be a million tiny little explosions across the political world. What would they talk about all night? If…

The Senate is going to be a nail-biter. Senator Chuck Schumer may have a long night ahead.

Hillary Clinton and her team have left it all on the ground. Her Methodist faith will take her the rest of the way.

Beyonce showed up at a “Get Out The Vote” event in Cleveland, with a win for Democrats in Ohio a long shot, in my opinion.

Exhaustion and joy, it’s out of Hillary’s hands.

What an effort.

Impatience and nerves, it’s a good time to turn to meditation or the gym.

The Democratic gods love Latina hotel workers and let’s not forget Senator Harry Reid.

May Jon Ralston’s tweets give you some solace.

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