US Suspends Syria Talks with Petulant Putin [State Department photo/ Public Domain]

US Suspends Syria Talks with Petulant Putin
State Department photo/Public Domain

The United States on Monday suspended talks with Russia over the protracted conflict in Syria, accusing the Kremlin of joining with the Syrian Air Force in carrying out a brutal bombing campaign against the besieged city of Aleppo. [New York Times]

AFTER the announcement, Vladimir Putin withdrew from the historic arms deal that would have had the U.S. and Russia eliminating 34 tons of plutonium, which is used to make nuclear weapons.

It’s the end, it would seem, for President Obama to enact any movement in a positive direction in Syria.

“Cooperation over Syria was the Obama administration’s last and best shot for arresting the downward spiral in the bilateral relationship with Russia,” said Andrew S. Weiss, a former White House expert on Russia who is vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. “The mistrust and hostility toward the United States by the Russian leadership is real and growing. It is going to be the driving force behind Russian external behavior for many years to come.”

Secretary John Kerry has worked unceasingly to get a breakthrough.

It’s such a calamity and at this point I’m devoid of analysis that would lend you hope.

A Hillary Clinton presidency is the next best option for resurrecting the world’s missing humanity on the subject of Syria, and even then it’s a long shot with Putin.

If anyone can get a no-fly and safe zones, it’s Hillary, but she’ll have to fight to get it done.