The Biggest Loser: Trump Says He Might Not Concede if Clinton Wins

The Biggest Loser: Trump Says He Might Not Concede if Clinton Wins

“I’ll tell you at the time. I’ll keep you in suspense, okay?” – Donald Trump

THE ENTRANCE of Hillary Clinton was just the beginning of a fairly flawless evening for the woman who is less than three weeks away from the United States presidency.

“Bad hombre”.



At one point I was waiting to hear a voiceover of Hillary saying, “Come here boy,” as she baited and he bit over and over again.


Hillary Clinton showed emotion, but she also brought the facts. She replied to Chris Wallace, listened and stayed on offense.

And don’t kid yourself, folks and fellow feminists. The way Secretary Clinton looked didn’t hurt either. Absolutely flawless from head to toe and she knew it. There’s just a way a woman holds herself when she knows she’s prepared, has the subjects down cold, and she feels good about what she’s wearing and how she looks. Being rested was a definite plus. Clinton’s discipline is her best friend.

The split screen was a killer for Donald.

But Donald Trump can finally quit worrying about his place in history. He’s sealed his memory in a “radical” quote that will go down as the most undemocratic utterance ever made by a presidential candidate.

It’s the legacy he deserves and has earned.