New Podcast: Between the Sheets, with Taylor Marsh (Episode 4)

New Podcast: Between the Sheets, with Taylor Marsh
(Episode 4)

EPISODE 4 of my new podcast series once again delves into culture and strong women, this time highlighting a new film that’s created a lot of buzz.

As always, I share a short reading from my debut modern romance, Below the Beltway.

The cultural spotlight is on “Girl on a Train,” the movie, starring Emily Blunt, book by Paula Hawkins.

Think “Peyton Place” as staged by the Adrian Lyne of “Fatal Attraction.” [Variety]


Taking from the Variety review, I briefly discuss the women characters and some of the puzzling things in the book that the film has trouble replicating.

It’s also interesting to dissect the choices authors make for their characters that go to developing the storyline.

The mood of this film leads me to read from Below the Beltway, introducing Vicki Kurtz, a character that also shows up in Book 2, which will be out in May 2017.

I’ll have a cover and title reveal in late February 2017.

It’s the fastest 15 minutes in the literature podcast world.

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