Donald Trump: 'Grab them by the p***y'

Donald Trump: ‘Grab them by the p***y’

WE’RE grown-ups around here so I quote the Republican presidential nominee correctly. So everyone understands what we’re watching.

Cannot wait to hear the tale of the tape.

Trump’s vulgar “grab them by the pussy” would have likely made Lyndon Baines Johnson laugh out loud and slap him on the back.

Nixon made horrendous racist remarks but utter the slang for the Womb of the World while suggesting a sexual advance without her permission… to the media?

That is, if anyone is offended.

The feeling behind Donald spitting out the word “bitch” is visceral.

No matter how perfect a woman is we can never measure up, in Donald’s eyes. He wants to seal women at 20-something because after that there’s nothing worthwhile. But only if you’re beautiful. Average women need not apply.

Beauty is a magnet and Donald is but a victim of the cruel lure of the poison that is woman.

It’s never about what a woman wants and any desires she might feel are irrelevant. If he ever thought about a woman in any terms beyond what he has to do to get her in bed.

But I hope I’m not shocking anyone by saying that there are a lot of men who use this language and many of them are your sons, their friends, your nephews, and many athletes in the NCAA and, certainly, the NFL.

Misogyny in America has a new face and a brand name, and I’m including the actress from “Days of Our Lives” who gave Donald Trump a pity hug in the video below. Every actress who ever had a part knows the drill.

Oh! But for the first time we hear from his own mouth that he failed when trying to bed the very married Nancy O’Dell.

It’s Christmas in October and the gifts will keep on coming.

Democratic candidates for Congress can now make their pitch while everyone watches their Republican opponents squirm on camera answering questions about Trump reducing women to a vagina “grab.”

“…this is what an Asian dictator would do. Put out a statement at 11:30 at night.” – Mark Halperin talking to Lawrence O’Donnell

At midnight there was still no video, no statement from Trump.

At around 12:08 Donald apologized then immediately declared war on Hillary and Bill, alleging WJC “abused” women, then mentioned the debate on Sunday as almost a threat.

History never looked like this before.