New Podcast: Between the Sheets, with Taylor Marsh (Episode 2)

New Podcast: Between the Sheets, with Taylor Marsh (Episode 2)

THE NEW series starring Sarah Jessica Parker, “Divorce,” with Thomas Hayden Church, is in focuse in this podcast and I take you into Below the Beltway (The Beltway Series, Book One).


It’s so much fun to be podcasting again.

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By the way, the reviews are out on HBO’s “Divorce.” Take it from me, the first episode is worth your time.

As I review in the podcast, which is full of spoilers, I could have written this episode myself. Being in a marriage that isn’t working, for whatever reason, can make any woman wander. As I explain in the podcast, just don’t think a man forgives a woman like she forgives a man.

From Slate on HBO’s “Divorce

The title itself serves as a warning to anyone who has been touched by divorce, whether as a spouse or a child – and, indeed, a lot of us are in that boat. Even Horgan herself admitted in a press conference that her husband was so queasy after viewing the pilot that he couldn’t bring himself to watch more.

Instead, we should view “Divorce” as a commentary on that American misapprehension that confuses settling down with settling — it gives us more to chew on.