UN Meets, Talks, But Will They DO Anything About Syria?

UN Meets, Talks, But Will They DO Anything About Syria?
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The convoy, escorted by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, was among the first to try to deliver humanitarian aid to the rebel-held areas under the cease-fire agreement. Members of the group said its local chief, Omar Barakat, was among at least 12 people killed; though United Nations officials in Geneva said the death toll was unclear. [New York Times]

THEY DENOUNCE all day long, but will Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the rest of the world actually do anything after the aid convoy attack?

We learned what the Trump campaign feels about refugees after the latest tweet by Donald Trump, Jr., which was emblazoned on official campaign material.

Media outlets have jumped on Jr.’s tweet, explaining it in detail, including Nazi references.

President Obama spoke eloquently at the U.N. today, but I can’t reconcile his inability to mount a worldwide political campaign to rouse the world to save children and women of Syria, as well as men, all of whom are trapped, starving and have no hope.

“This is the paradox that defines our world today. A quarter century after the end of the Cold War, the world is, by many measures, less violent and more prosperous than ever before, yet our society is filled with unease and strife. Despite enormous progress in institutions, governing becomes more difficult. Tensions between nations [have] become more quick to surface. So I believe that, at this moment, we all face a choice. We can choose to press forward with a better model of integration, or we can retreat into a world sharply divided and in conflict.” – President Obama at UNGA

U.S. officials believe Russia is responsible for the attack on the aid convoy.

An independent investigation has been called for as cries of war crimes ring out.

The American public is unmoved, the world watches doing nothing.

Humanity has turned gutless.