WHEN TWO people have a strong connection it doesn’t guarantee the physical experience will match.

There are so many things that go into getting naked with someone.

With the heroine in Below the Beltway, my debut contemporary novel, Alex Gantry has no intention of following anyone else’s rules.

There’s been something about T.J. Gale, our hero, that Alex connected with from the start. The trouble is they collided the first time they met.

We’ve all been there, right? A really hot guy who grabs your attention then strangles the budding desires by how he talks to you about your career. Like it’s not as important to you as his career is to him.

You have to explain the passion and the purpose you find in your career and not be afraid how you do it or how he’ll react.

From “Opposites,” a chapter from The Beltway Series, Book 1, Below the Beltway

[…] “I’m sorry, what’s your name again?” T.J. said, interrupting Alex.

“Alex Gantry,” she replied, over-enunciating so he might remember.

“Look, my team is made up of top environmental minds. They’re grownups, professionals. I don’t think doing group therapy seminars is worth the money I pay them. No offense,” he said.

Alex stared at him. Bluntness is one thing; being rude is quite another. The problem was that, by meeting his gaze, she felt him reach inside her, a flash of heat following. The involuntary response from her body was complicating what she was about to say to him. Her mind said fuck you; her body said please.

“Really? After completely insulting me and belittling the cutting-edge tools I’ve used to help corporations a lot larger than your little startup? Wow. Of course. No offense taken,” Alex said.

That was exactly the response he deserved after acting like such an arrogant ass. Alex would say that he was sexist, but that was too easy. Alex’s brain was all business, but her body was thinking dirty thoughts. Geez, how long had it been since she had gotten laid?

T.J. turned to look at Alex. His face showed that he had gotten the message. But the messenger, who was she? Alex could see it in his face, in the long pause he took. Nobody talked to him that way, and he loved it.

Why was he smiling at Alex? Jerk, but what a wickedly handsome man. Whoa. Get ahold of yourself, Alex, she told herself. […]

The Washington DC, Beltway is brimming with nature, the setting for The Beltway Series.

The Washington, D.C. Beltway is brimming with nature, the setting for The Beltway Series.

Alex Gantry is fearless about what she expects from a man, which begins with respecting her work, so she confronts T.J. Gale directly.

Instead of turning him off it lights a fire.

This is part of the conversation I’ve begun with readers in Below the Beltway.

If you feel a strong connection and don’t hedge about what you expect from a man, and it turns sexual, the passion will flow from a point of trust.

That’s what happens when Alex and T.J. get beneath the sheets.

When an unfathomable initial connection grabs us deep, leading to a sublime sexual experience that opens the possibility of something that could last.


I have been a fan of Taylor Marsh for the last 9 years. Her political blog is terrific and insightful. I am so glad I bought her book. I judge a book by how well I can feel the breeze, taste the food, and feel the steam. It is not just words on a page but a sensual experience. This book delivers. There is a lot of good twists and turns that keep you interested and a lot of hot romance. You get a lot of good flavor of the Belt Way and all the power, sex and money that resides there. Taylor keep writing fiction you have a gift for it! – C.Parsons, 5-star Amazon Review