Clinton's Advantages Remain Strong Pre-Debate

Clinton’s Advantages Remain Strong Pre-Debate

COLLEGE EDUCATED white men aren’t buying what Donald Trump is selling like they did Mitt Romney. With Hillary Clinton beating him with this group by 20 points, Trump’s going to need something spectacular to happen before he threatens HRC’s lead.

We haven’t even begun to talk about organizational advantages built-in to Clinton’s efforts. Get out the vote infrastructure that Trump cannot replicate.

Hispanics detest all things Trump, to the tune of 70%+.

Women, well…

After a rough September, Clinton has firmer footing as the debate nears.

Trump, however, has managed to weasel his way into a few state polls, raising the stakes for Monday.

Some of the polling on character and trustworthiness, as well as honesty, won’t keep Clinton from winning but they will impact her ability to govern.

What the graphic at the top of this post proves is that style matters more than substance.

It’s not about what the media is or isn’t doing about Trump’s wild prevarications.

What’s built into Clinton’s challenges, as I see it, is that the Democratic Party remains in conflict with itself, as the Republican Party is in open rebellion.

For Clinton, foreign policy decisions dog her, as does the email story.


Trump’s main issue is temperament.


Third party candidates are throwing a wrench into the mix but it’s unclear if voters will remain bonded to Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. The generational divide in voting for outside candidates seems evident in the polling.

After 8 years of President Obama, change is always the seductress, which explains a big part of Republican angst, as they see Trump still not doing what he needs to do to flip the numbers to get to 270.

The infrastructure Clinton has on the ground in states across the country has always been her ace.

I’m wondering just how wrong the polls are going to look, especially considering that the early vote will be strongly Democratic in the states she needs. Polling doesn’t show Clinton’s heavy ground game advantage.

Of course, it’s folly to predict what voters will do and how they’ll react when they see Donald Trump standing even with Hillary Clinton on the stage. He’s a professional media veteran and knows what’s required and you can bet Kellyanne Conway has been in his ear on how women will react if he acts out against Secretary Clinton.

Contrary to the feelings and exhortations of diehard Clinton activists, the public distrusts the media so much — their approval numbers in single digits — that the cable and new media coverage isn’t having the impact that Hillary activists claim. The public already thinks Trump is getting an easier ride than his predecessors. Rallying Democratic voters is another goal of these outside activist groups, revving up the very real outrage Hillary supporters feel against the media, which has been festering for years.

For Trump to win the presidency he desperately needs a game-changing moment.

It all depends on what voters are looking for from each candidate.

Will it be enough for Donald Trump to “fill the suit” while showing “intellectual stamina” in the debate?

As for Clinton, she’s got this on the issues. What she needs to deliver is a performance, which requires she reveal her personality and charisma while fileting The Donald during primetime.

Easy, right?