Clinton Trolls Fallon with Softballs as Debate Nears

Clinton Trolls Fallon with Softballs as Debate Nears

THE SUBJECTS for the first debate are set: America’s Direction, Achieving Prosperity, Securing America. There will be 15-minute segments and no commercials. The debate is next Monday.

Everything was covered and put in perspective on The Tonight Show, with new polling showing that Hillary Clinton has regained her footing in polling.

The race looks slightly narrower among likely voters than it does among all registered voters in a two-way match up. Among likely voters, 50 percent support Clinton and 45 percent support Trump. Among registered voters, she holds a 6-point lead over Trump — 49 percent to 43 percent. Last week, Clinton led Trump by 4 points among registered voters, 48 percent to 44 percent. [NBC News]

Hillary Clinton has had too many near political deaths to let Donald Trump waltz in around her.

Secretary Clinton came out with her very best schtick, punctuated by playing a little softball.

It worked, especially if you lean Clinton and if there’s one group Hillary needs to bolster it’s her base.