Clinton Coverage Misfire

Clinton Coverage Misfire

Lauer’s attempt to press Trump was the completely ineffectual technique of asking repeatedly if he is ready to serve as commander-in-chief. Lauer probably believes the answer is no, but nothing about this question would drive home Trump’s extraordinary lack of knowledge. – Jonathan Chait [New York Magazine]

EVERYONE has a theory.

Paul Krugman’s column recently set off a bit of a firestorm.

Unfortunately, it was for all the wrong reasons.

Nobody seems to care that Krugman has become a partisan sycophant and while doing so used Al Gore to concoct an argument that “Hillary gets Gored” that was a lazy rehash of perceived problems. From Krugman

Mr. Gore’s mendacity was supposedly demonstrated by trivial anecdotes, none significant, some of them simply false. No, he never claimed to have invented the internet. But the image stuck.

And right now I and many others have the sick, sinking feeling that it’s happening again.

True, there aren’t many efforts to pretend that Donald Trump is a paragon of honesty. But it’s hard to escape the impression that he’s being graded on a curve.

Sucking up has rotted Mr. Krugman’s mind.

Here’s what everyone is missing.

Donald Trump was given to America by the Republican primary electorate, then dumped in the lap of the American media to vet. The Republican candidates around him in the primary season, Very Serious People, were never interested in the unwashed masses in their midst, of which Trump was the leader.

Clinton surrogates and the massive army of supporters working the refs and calling out the news media for covering her more rigidly and vigorously than Trump cry foul, because HRC is always pressed harder and more thoroughly on everything than Donald Trump.

The reason Matt Lauer let Donald Trump skip on his whopper that he was against the Iraq war is because the “commander in chief” forum was created as a platform for Mr. Lauer and NBC/MSNBC, not Trump OR Clinton.

The length of this campaign has already levied a verdict on Donald Trump and we all know what it is. Even Kellyanne Conway knows the score here. The GOP base nominated a cultural icon for president whose fearless rhetoric and unabashed preference for bullshit has paralyzed the press and galvanized Clintonites, of which I used to be a leading participant.

Everyone knows that if Donald Trump was asked to name leaders or talk about the history of any crisis on planet earth, he would fail the test. And no one wants to embarrass Trump that way because it would be an indictment on the Republican Party. This would be perceived as tilting coverage against Trump.

Hillary Clinton is so embarrassed by Trump’s unqualified resume for president, especially on foreign policy, that she’s been helping Republicans out and very likely has helped GOP Senate candidates stabilize their rocky earlier position.

The alt-right base of the GOP has dumped a no-nothing reality star into the presidential pot, so there can be no equivalency in coverage.

How do you ask the male version of Kim Kardashian how you’d solve the regional expanding proxy war going on between Iran and Saudi Arabia?

People seem to forget that George W. Bush, back during the 2000 election, when asked out of the blue to name the president of Pakistan, simply replied, “the general.” He was rewarded with two terms in office.

Clinton supporters led most recently by Krugman’s fall into partisan fluff, feel Trump deserves to fail and that the media is responsible for not setting this stage properly for it to manifest.

It would be the easiest assignment on planet earth.

“I don’t think the guy is qualified to be president of the United States. And every time the guy speaks that opinion is confirmed.” – President Obama

Gary Johnson, the libertarian candidate for president, perfectly teed up where we stand today when he responded to a question on MSNBC by Mike Barnicle about Aleppo by saying, “What’s Aleppo?”

Just because the men are offering ignorance doesn’t mean Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be grilled.

Over the last two decades, an industry has blossomed around Hillary Clinton, and the Clintons more generally, to answer everything that is said or printed about them, from social media and tweets to cable. This enterprise has now become so loud that it’s morphed into objecting to anything that borders on a critique. It is also wholly defensive in nature.

Donald Trump, in contrast, is never defensive.

As people start really paying attention to the U.S. POTUS pageant, they listen less to details and pay a lot more attention to how they feel about what they’re seeing and hearing.

That’s why Clinton stepped up to do a press conference today, however short it was.

The American voter may be too bogged down for details but they understand the concept of a candidate ducking the press. They don’t care about your history, the reasons for it. If you’re going to be in our living room every day for four years, you’d better be able to entertain.

American culture demands it, so casting someone like Clinton who hates the spotlight, but loves the work, isn’t going to be easy and the coverage that follows her won’t be either.

As for fairness, he’s a reality TV star and she’s the first female to make it through the patriarchal juggernaut to vie for president.

What in the hell do people expect to happen?