Below the Beltway #Recommended

Below the Beltway #Recommended

IT’S A long road to getting your book read, reviewed, and recommended.

Wading into contemporary romance has been an education.

Publishing is changing so fast, but it’s tilting towards giving authors a bigger advantage, especially when you’re self-published.

From the New York Times in January, after Meredith Wild‘s aggressive and very smart, new publishing paradigm made her a successful author, which triggered her move into publishing in a wider way.

As independent authors grab a bigger slice of the e-book market, digital sales by traditional publishers fell by 11 percent in the first nine months of 2015, according to data gathered from more than 1,200 publishers by the Association of American Publishers.

Last year, a third of the 100 best-selling Kindle books were self-published titles on average each week, an Amazon representative said.

It’s hard to believe, but to break into contemporary romance, Meredith Wild broke the bank.

Ms. Wild’s success wasn’t accidental, but grew out of a meticulously planned marketing campaign. Before the book was even released, she began buying online ads targeting erotic romance readers. Her husband took out 10 credit cards and a personal loan to pay for advertising. They borrowed $70,000 from Mr. Grishman, a former banker who is Ms. Wild’s brother-in-law. They eventually raised enough to fund a six-figure national marketing campaign, which included paid posts on social media and movie theater ads promoting “Hardwired” that played before the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie.

Social and new media make it possible for authors to take control of their careers in a new way. I never appreciated the reach of Facebook until my first novel, Below the Beltway.

It’s only the beginning.