What will Huma Abedin do now?

Weiner’s Disgrace, But What will Huma Abedin do now?

CONSEQUENCES won’t stop obsessive behavior and neither will the love of a “good” woman and wife, or the responsibilities that come with fatherhood.

Anthony Weiner‘s Twitter account has been deleted but that won’t do Huma much good.

The New York Post has graphic details, the tame sampling below is just the beginning.

The sext fiend also admitted to fantasizing about her, saying “guess who visited me in a dream last night/this morning . . . uh, you. obv.”

In another message, he blamed her for keeping him awake the previous night. “I did not sleep well . . . Horny as f–k,” he wrote.

Maybe if Huma Abedin didn’t work for Hillary Clinton the question wouldn’t matter.

Therapy has not helped Anthony Weiner, so believing he’s going to change isn’t a rational choice.

Exhibitionism isn’t criminal, nor is the desire that stirs it. The self-destructive act to make private voyeurism your partner’s public shame isn’t either. There is, however, no basis on which to believe your marriage and life matter to a man who continual humiliates himself in public.

When the father of your child shows your infant son as part of sexual foreplay on social media, the mother involved has a decision to make.

What will Human Abedin do now?

First, understand that therapy isn’t going to cure a man like Anthony Weiner, who’s got a pathological problem that’s embedded in his oversized ego. He’s obviously very comfortable with this, needs it, so the deletion of a Twitter account won’t stop his obsessive compulsion.