Taylor Marsh author video on "Below the Beltway."

Taylor Marsh author video on Below the Beltway.
graphic: original cover of Below the Beltway

AFTER TWO traditionally published non-fiction books, it’s exciting to talk about my debut novel, Below the Beltway.

To say that jumping from non-fiction to fiction is a lift is an understatement.

At least it’s possible today to launch a marketing campaign that offers a possibility of expanding your reach as an author. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and who knows what else may come next, give power to the independent author that’s changing publishing.

Thanks to Laurence O’Bryan and the Books Go Social team for all their guidance. It’s such a pleasure working with them because they care so much about authors. They show it by making their marketing packages affordable, comprehensive, and they come with a money back guarantee.

Nothing, however, supplants the dogged diligence an author must bring to the table, because the only one who can sell your book effectively is you.

That’s after you’ve fought with yourself, your editor, your fact-checker, and the team you put together to help you publish your book. Starting a new imprint, MM Press, has been an act of creative fortitude.

And I have so many of you to thank. Readers who’ve been with me for years who have made this spot on the web sticky enough that I could keep doing the work I love, which started when I was just a young girl dreaming of changing my little corner of the world.

Enjoy the video.

I’d so appreciate it if you’d buy my book. Anyone who does just has to send me proof from Amazon, a screen capture will do, and I’ll give you unlimited access to the content on the site for a year, a $19.99 value.