Tightening, as Labor Day Battle for 1600 Intensifies

Tightening, as Labor Day Battle for 1600 Intensifies

WHERE DOES the presidential race stand today?

Donald Trump isn’t finished. After all he’s said and how he’s acted, he’s chipping away at Clinton’s lead and he’s not done yet.

From NBC News

The presidential campaign will enter a final phase after Labor Day, when there will be an increase in political advertising in battleground states and final appeals will be made to those few voters who have yet to make up their minds.

Though the tracking poll shows that Trump may be closing the gap against Clinton among Independent voters, another key question for both campaigns is whether these non-partisans will be motivated to vote at all. According to data from this week’s tracking poll, 70 percent of Independents who now support Clinton say they have supported someone else in the past six months. Among those Independents who currently support Trump, 64 percent say they supported someone else in the past six months.

Bloomberg Politics has an analysis that’s even less comforting to Democrats, especially when you consider the Senate.

What hurts Clinton in Michigan is a poor showing among younger voters—the cohort that helped Bernie Sanders score an upset in the Democratic primary; currently in the Wolverine State’s 18-34 age group, Trump leads her 45%-33%

Real Clear Politics average of where the race stands today is down to a 4-point advantage for Clinton.

Then there is the other notion being circulated that’s been stirring under the headlines for weeks.

Hillary Clinton has separated Trump from the Republican Party very successfully, making the case that it’s okay to vote for a Democrat because Donald’s not really a conservative or a Republican. This has given some senatorial races a boost on the Republican side, as people get comfortable with splitting their ballot, which could give new life to GOP senatorial campaigns.

Hillary is looking for a mandate.

Trump continues his plot to blow the system up.

The final stretch of the battle for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue begins next week, with the September debate meaning a lot more than it did in July.

What will #AmnestyDon say next?

The problem for voters leaning Donald is that you never know.