Below the Beltway, set in the beautiful Washington, D.C. area. photo via Taylor Marsh, LLC

Below the Beltway, set in the beautiful Washington, D.C. area. (photo via Taylor Marsh, LLC)

WHO HASN’T tried to rekindle a dying love affair?

It’s easier to do in the summer.

When Below the Beltway, my new novel, begins, Alex Gantry is struggling to walk away from a man who no longer fits into her life.

Sexual chemistry sucks us all back in.

Brian‘s lips were soft and as warm as she had remembered, the smell of him immediately waking her body, the reaction felt first in her stomach. The warmth of his body quickened her pulse… … Brian was embracing her tightly as their kiss went deeper … the intoxication of his body against hers… all of it pulling Alex under his spell. It was all too familiar… – Below the Beltway, by Taylor Marsh (page 56)

below the beltway

Alex moves away, but the man she thought was in her rearview mirror reappears. Typical, right? She’s already gone so what does he do to get her back?

Conflict begins the book.

Alex moves on.

Back and forth they volleyed, with Alex sharing what she had planned while T.J. asked questions and added his own comments. If men only knew how sexy it was for them to engage a woman when she was talking about her work, they would be halfway to third base before the dinner check was paid. Women know instinctively to pay attention to what a man does for a living and how successful he is, because, if these two things aren’t in place, a man won’t commit to a relationship no matter how much he likes you. – Below the Beltway, by Taylor Marsh (page 93)


It’s a fundamental part of the dance.

You have to know what you’ve got when it shows up. They have to be ready to deliver on what you want.

There’s no planning for it.

To find what you want can require drastically changing your circumstances.

That’s why when Alex’s best friend, Berkley Banks, calls to make her an offer she never expected, it isn’t nearly as important as the moment. It’s perfect.

Brian disagrees. What he sets in motion to change his circumstances is beyond anything Alex could have predicted.

With T.J. around, it won’t be as easy as Brian thinks.