Donald Trump's Sister Souljah act on guns.  Art by Paul Szep

Donald Trump’s Sister Souljah act on guns.
Art by Paul Szep

“We have to make sure that people that are terrorists or have even an inclination toward terrorism cannot buy weapons, guns.” – Donald Trump [ABC News]

RIDING THE public mood like a fifteen-year-old on a skateboard, The Donald committed the ultimate gaffe by mirroring the public mood on the terrorist watch list, guns and “no fly-no buy” discussion.

It has to petrify the N.R.A. and the right, many of the same people who helped get Trump nominated.

Sure they’re pissed.

The guy is making a good show of squeezing his backers.

It’s Trump’s Sister Souljah act on guns.

Wait five minutes and he’ll call for open carry in Cleveland.

You can’t change poll numbers like he’s got without a lot of effort and some luck, but it’s statements like the one above from ABC News that make people wonder what could happen if Donald Trump would take his nomination seriously and maintain discipline.

That would require wanting to do the job of president, which I’m just not convinced is part of Donald’s plan.