Donald Trump loves the media!  screen capture via Instagram

Donald Trump loves the media! But sometimes you have to scold your friends.
screen capture via Instagram

“The problem here is the difference between what Donald Trump says and what Donald Trump does,” Clinton said. “He’s bragged for months about raising $6 million for vets and donating $1 million himself, but it took a reporter to shame him into actually making the contribution.” [Associated Press]

ON MONDAY, Donald J. Trump unloaded on the U.S. media in a press conference that foreshadowed what his presidency would be like for news outlets and reporters. It was a tantrum of sorts for the Republican nominee who has fed the media with non-stop content, using the news conference as a moment to reprimand his biggest boosters.

There’s one school of thought that with Trump’s final triumph, acquiring the magic number to be the nominee, that there’s remorse in some quarters of the cable news firmament that they’ve created this monster. It’s silly but believing you have the power to shape presidential history, media moguls who create cable programming feel compelled to ruminate over their decisions and power they don’t have.

“You make me look very bad,” said Trump to the media assembled on Monday, complaining that his veterans’ donations weren’t being properly respected.

It was the first time Trump had been caught out by the print press, the Washington Post breaking the veterans group donation story, and the Republican nominee didn’t like how it made him look.

Trump’s reaction is worth noting because it was so peevish and also emotionally transparent because we don’t see politicians showing their true feelings in a press conference. Clearly Trump was hurt by the scalding reporting that revealed he’d not done what he said he would for veterans.

Can you imagine a press conference with Hillary Clinton where she took reporters to task like Trump, showed her irritation, while also delivering news, as the donations to veterans group did? It would never happen. We could talk forever about why not but it is one of the starkest contrasts between the two candidates and also Trump’s biggest asset.

Performance, promises, and reviews, that’s where Trump lives. He’ll go a million miles to rebut a bad story about him because his entire persona revolves around the good opinion of others, which is dependent on The Donald giving great performances to massive crowds, which he thinks can replace data-driven GOTV that made Barack Obama president twice, foiling Republicans even when they believed they would win.

From Michael Wolff’s interview with The Donald in the Hollywood Reporter.

I ask if he’ll use a teleprompter for his acceptance speech at the convention and, almost sorrowfully, he says he probably will. I find myself urging him not to, precisely for the theater of it all. The spontaneity. Who would want to miss that? Let Trump be Trump.

“Very interesting. What he’s saying is very interesting,” he notes to Lewandowski.

The theater of it all.

The Trump show depends on massive media coverage, as does his very candidacy. Sure, fact checkers are going to fact check, reporters are going to report, and cable hosts are going to book anti-Trump guests. But Donald Trump doesn’t care as long as his reviews are good.

As Team Clinton dispatches activists and hardcore Hillary operatives to battleground states, Donald Trump shrugs. Who needs data when you have Trump?

At least he’s inspired Hillary Clinton to call into CNN and MSNBC, doing dueling talking point interviews and rebutting Trump on Tuesday. But as much as she criticizes her Republican rival he may yet prove to be her best friend.

There’s an old saying about the concept of soul mates. That they come in all forms, not just lovers who feel they’ve found their other half, so to speak. Soul mates can be people you meet at work who push your buttons but also make you a better person, performer, or a better communicator.

If Hillary Clinton is going to turn her high personal negatives around, which is important for the fall, she’s going to have to borrow a few tricks from Trump’s playbook beyond calling into cable shows. She should start by finally, at long last doing a regular press conference where she takes all comers and questions. Not to use it to go after Trump, which right now should be left to surrogates and super PACS, but to reconnect with a media she openly disdains.

The only thing keeping her from doing it is that Clinton’s afraid of questions about the I.G. report on her private server.

Donald Trump isn’t afraid of any questions, which is how amid wildly unsupportable answers on a variety of subjects, Trump continues to close the gap between him and Secretary Clinton in poll after poll.

Trump gets credit for facing the firing squad, even when his performance is nothing less than a tantrum, while Hillary ducks any public event that isn’t highly scripted, controlled, and manufactured.

In an era where YouTube stars are making waves, and video sharing is the big thing, watching a presidential candidate like Hillary Clinton who seems scared of the media translates to unrelatable.

After reading the Michael Wolff interview and finding out that Donald Trump isn’t all that interested in Brexit, except for the immigration fallout, Clinton should have taken the bait and videoed it. A short Instagram video schooling Donald Trump on the fallout of Britain leaving the EU, perhaps titled “Tutoring Trump,” which could be a series.

Mocking Trump and tapping the media to help.

What fun, right?

It’s one way Clinton can bring up her negatives and beat The Donald at his own game.