Below the Beltway takes place in America's bountiful Washington, D.C. Beltway, where nature, birds & the environment disguise human swamp creatures. photo: Taylor Marsh, LLC

In Below the Beltway, beauty, sex and danger collide.
photo: Taylor Marsh, LLC

WHEN WE meet someone who turns us on our body sends out “sex scent signals.”

It’s about pheromones, but we say “lightning strikes.”

Other times our sex scent signals aren’t immediately triggered.

This is how Alex Gantry and T.J. Gale start off, the two lead characters in my romantic adventure Below the Beltway.

Before lightning and lust, it was the fiery tension between Alex and T.J. that fueled the attraction.

Alex has conquered Hollywood and has the clients to prove it when she moves to the Washington, D.C. Beltway. But convincing T.J., who’s her first important client, that she can save his team from burnout is tough.

T.J. is unimpressed at first.

Alex won’t take indifference for an answer.

It’s not her professional pitch that turns T.J. around but Alex’s attitude and confidence that gets his attention and changes how he sees her, stirring something he’s not felt in a while.

Sex scent signals can be ignited by a million different circumstances and manifest in innumerable ways.

What lingers is the intense feeling that seems to come out of nowhere to confound your intellect and defy definition.

They looked at each other. The last thing Alex wanted to do was spend one more second with this man. Yet she couldn’t explain her feelings. She wanted to strangle him and see him naked all at the same time. …” – Below the Beltway [Chapter: “Thaw”], by Taylor Marsh