Obama and Sanders meet as general election begins. photo via BBC's Tara McKelvey

Obama and Sanders meet as general election begins.
photo via BBC’s Tara McKelvey on Twitter

Bernie Sanders’ supporters have some advice for President Barack Obama: Back off. Thursday morning in the Oval Office, Obama will take his not-so-subtle campaign to ease Sanders out of an active campaign directly to the senator himself. But he’ll need to be diplomatic. [Politico]

EXCUSE ME for stating the obvious but the race is over for Senator Bernie Sanders. His supporters will have to get a grip and make a choice.

Nobody wanted to hear anything from Hillary Clinton supporters after she lost the nomination fight in 2008.

There was no deference, just confusion on why Terry McAuliffe had called Clinton the “next president of the United States” in an awkward speech in a basement after she’d clearly lost the race.

The truth is that everyone close to the Clinton camp had been trying to swallow that Clinton had actually lost the nomination when she was beaten in the Iowa caucuses, which foreshadowed the campaign rout to come that Plouffe, Axelrod and the rest of Obama’s team had carefully calculated.

For Sanders, he and his campaign actually lost the nomination back in March.

But in primary seasons, hope spring’s eternal even if it is misplaced.

Senator Sanders has a lot to make him proud of his campaign and what he accomplished. He set the agenda on the Democratic side as Clinton became mired in email minutia, ducked the press, and kept omitting the fact that her choice to have a private server was the problem not simply that she’d sent email from a private address.

All through the primary season Hillary Clinton let Bernie Sanders be Bernie, his campaign never once attacked by Clinton on the myriad of choices she could have picked. Defining Bernie wasn’t of interest to Clinton, and she beat him decisively regardless.

Senator Sanders can take the time he wants and has earned but events are moving forward fast, which his generous statement after meeting with President Obama acknowledged.

President Barack Obama, on the other hand, has a duty to support the Democratic Party’s nominee then get ready to rumble.

Jeff Zeleny of CNN reports that Senator Elizabeth Warren‘s endorsement will be via video and come this evening.

MSNBC reported late this afternoon that Warren will appear on MSNBC with Rachel Maddow on the endorsement as well.

The general election has begun and Hillary Clinton and the Democrats can’t afford to get distracted.

Donald Trump has hobbled himself, so more than at any other time since the primary season began, Democrats have a huge advantage.

Time to capitalize on it.

The clock is now set to after the Washington, D.C. primary but nobody should think that Senator Bernie Sanders is going to stop fighting for the issues that made tens of thousands of screaming supporters to “feel the Bern.”

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