Clinton on cusp of making history, while Sanders fights to win California.

Clinton on cusp of making history, while Sanders fights to win California.
Art by Paul Szep

With one of the most closely watched presidential primary seasons in modern times , California’s voter rolls grew by almost 650,000 in the final six weeks of registration. And three of every four new voters were Democrats. [Los Angeles Times]

TO THOSE who went through 2008 there is only one thing to say to Senator Sanders and his supporters. Good fight, folks, but you’ve lost the battle.

Hillary Clinton stands ready to make history.

But… but… but… what if Sanders beats Clinton in California?

By the time that happens she will have the math of millions of votes and delegates on her side. Soon afterward, President Barack Obama will join her, just like she did him in 2008.

Democratic superdelegates are an insidious blight on the democratic primary process and they are not going to switch their votes.

The only spot left would be vice president for Sanders which I just can’t imagine no matter how I look at it but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen.

The new reality tomorrow brings hasn’t quite hit Sanders world because the candidate hasn’t decided what he wants to do.

“If we can win, and win big here in California and in the other states, and in Washington D.C., we are going to go into the Democratic convention with enormous momentum,” Sanders told thousands of young supporters, many of whom were wearing “Bernie or Bust” buttons. “With your help, I believe, we will come out with the nomination.” [CNN]

Senator Sanders is delusional. Part of his thinking is influenced by the success Team Sanders has had in siphoning off voters from the Green Party, who isn’t happy about it at all.

“The Sanders campaign is absolutely destroying us,” is one quote from a recent Mother Jones piece.

The party’s steep decline in registration—from nearly 110,000 voters in early 2015 to 78,000 now—represents a tiny fraction of California’s 18 million registered voters. Yet it underscores how the Sanders campaign has made deep inroads into California’s liberal electorate, tapping voters who may have never before considered voting for a Democrat.

California’s other major leftist third party, the Peace and Freedom Party, has also seen a significant drop in registration since last year, losing about 7,000 voters, or 9 percent of its members.

[…] With Sanders and Hillary Clinton locked in a statistical dead heat in California, at least according to the polls, a Sanders victory here may hinge on his ability to mobilize even more of these ultra-left voters. But consolidating that fractious group is no easy task, even for a democratic socialist who regularly sounds the themes of the Occupy movement.

If Bernie Sanders wins California it will be an impressive moment for him in a campaign season where he’s set the agenda, forced Clinton to listen to her better angels, and the high point of his campaign.

Even before we find out about who wins California, Hillary Clinton will make history.

A woman clinching the Democratic Party nomination. It’s a big fucking deal.

Nobody has the right to step on Hillary’s moment.