John Lewis leads historic sit-in at moment of Trump's speech railing against Clinton.

John Lewis leads historic sit-in at moment of Trump’s speech railing against Clinton.

Hillary Clinton who, as most people know, is a world class liar – just look at her pathetic email and server statements, or her phony landing in Bosnia where she said she was under attack but the attack turned out to be young girls handing her flowers, a total self-serving lie. Brian Williams’ career was destroyed for saying far less. [Politico]

SO MUCH NEWS for a summer day it’s hard to keep your attention focused. The big headline is an unprecedented sit-in inside the House chamber over gun legislation, led by American hero, #goodtrouble Rep. John Lewis.

Live House feed’s last item before House Republicans used a “recess” to shut down business. While it lasts, there’s a live video feed on Rep. Eric Swalwell’s Facebook feed.

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Since Marco Rubio blew his presidential bid, he’s now running for re-election.

Then there’s Donald Trump‘s fact-challenged speech targeting Hillary Clinton, which was a good step away from his outlandish diatribes of previous efforts. He hit Bosnia, emails, blamed HRC for Obama’s presidency, typical stuff that likely gave Republicans hoping Trump would get his act together hope.

As for Trump’s ham-handed swipe at Brian Williams, it’s likely more about “Morning Joe.”

Wait five minutes, that’s my rule for Trump.

But, evidently, Paul Manifort didn’t think going after Hillary’s marriage or Bill Clinton’s personal foibles is worthy of a presidential campaign in 2016. That’s the best news out of it.

Can’t wait to see Trump in Scotland pitching his golf courses as #Brexit headlines hit. Talk about awkward.

I’ll take a sit-in versus a filibuster any day, especially when it’s Rep. John Lewis stepping all over Donald J. Trump.