Ivana Rules -- Trump fires Lewandowski, as gun legislation fails another round in Washington.

Ivanka Rules — Trump fires Lewandowski, as gun legislation fails another round in Washington.

As of May 31, Trump had just $1.3 million in the bank, versus $42 million for Hillary Clinton, according to last night’s filings with the Federal Election Commission; Trump and his outside groups have spent $0 in the battleground states this month, compared with $23 million for Clinton and her affiliated Super PACs… [NBC News]

REMARKABLE events on Monday have shaken up Donald Trump‘s reality. The most important surrogate on Trump’s team, his daughter Ivanka, said fire Corey Lewandowski or she’s backing away from being involved in the campaign. There wasn’t much left to say after that.

The end for Lewandowski, I believe, was his horrendous error in judgement over the Michelle Fields incident, which has been confirmed through reporting.

There is no evidence that Ivanka Trump respects or condones the language or the roughness of Lewandowski’s style. She’s certainly not going to allow her company brand to be tarnished with the thousands of women who follow her lead.

As Bloomberg reported yesterday, Ivanka Trump’s signature and influence is all over her father’s campaign, starting with Hope Hicks, who came from Ivanka’s world and is now going to have a stronger role.

All this was playing out as the Senate worked to pass gun legislation but failed. Again.

Donald Trump’s sanity showed through for a split second on guns, when he and Senator Jeff Sessions, one of his chief strategists inside the campaign, came out for no guns for terrorist watch lists suspects.

Unfortunately, there is a loud crowd rightly pointing out that the terrorist watch lists is riddled with errors and names who shouldn’t be on the list. So due process is one of the push backs on the legislation. You’d think legislation could also help make the terrorist watch list effective and accurate but people don’t think that way.

The upheaval and contradictions coming out of team Trump headquarters over the last 24-hours have been compounded by his campaign’s paltry fundraising.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton isn’t letting up and hit Donald Trump on economics today in a speech. Twitter went wild at the rapid response of Trump that’s been missing since Clinton’s game-changing speech on foreign policy a few weeks ago.

Things are going well for Clinton and her crew but there’s a long way to go.

Trump’s behind, way, way behind on financing and he hasn’t even begun to hit battleground states.

For a businessman who preens he knows what he’s doing, if I were a Trump supporter, I’d start getting concerned about his basic competence to run anything. When NBC News blasts a headline that the campaign is in “critical condition,” you get an idea how perilous things are today for Republicans.

Ivanka Trump has a long way to go before she and Donald Trump, Jr. can make a president out of their dad, especially since there’s little indication that he’s interested in actually winning in November.