Clinton in the zone, as polling shows good news and warning signs. photo by Michael Davidson for Hillary for America

Clinton in the zone, as polling shows good news and warning signs.
photo by Michael Davidson for Hillary for America

To offer a contrast with Mr. Trump, Mrs. Clinton spent more than an hour Wednesday discussing national security at the Virginia Air and Space Center here, leading a discussion and taking notes. […] Mrs. Clinton also called for new approaches to stopping lone-wolf terrorists and said that people on terrorist watch lists should not be able to buy guns. [New York Times]

WATCHING the current Trump spectacle against Secretary Clinton and the slick coordination between her campaign and the Obama White House couldn’t make the battle cry any clearer. Democrats think a deep wound has been delivered to the Trump campaign, compliments of the candidate himself.

Hillary Clinton has found her voice and she’s maximizing this moment which is primed for Democrats.

Just 32 percent of Americans view the Republican Party favorably as it prepares to formally nominate Donald Trump for president, the latest Bloomberg Politics national poll shows, the lowest level recorded since the poll’s inception in September 2009. The Democratic Party, by contrast, is seen favorably by 49 percent… [Bloomberg Politics]

Donald Trump continues to ratchet up the mad man rhetoric, which isn’t keeping him from topping Clinton in the “toughness” category, as I call it.

From Bloomberg Politics

One bit of positive news for Trump in the results is that he narrowly edges out Clinton, 45 percent to 41 percent, when those surveyed were asked which candidate they would have more confidence in if a similar attack to the one in Florida took place a year from now. The violence left 49 victims dead, the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

Fifty percent to 45 percent, Trump is also viewed as stronger among likely voters in combating terrorist threats at home and abroad.

Since the turning point of her speech that took Trump down on foreign policy and his fitness to be president, Clinton is on a new trajectory. So it’s got to be a bit jarring to see she’s behind 5 points on the very issues in which she is seen to excel.

Plenty of time to make her case and convince macho America that a woman can be president. Give people time to visualize it, get comfortable. She’ll have to resolve people’s ambivalence about her foreign policy history and help them make sense of her secretary of state narrative in a way that reveals her strengths.

The Donald also has a lot of time to recuperate. He has to change to accomplish this and there’s no evidence yet the man can.

Clinton and Trump are facing an electorate, around 66% of which think the country’s on the wrong track.

That makes Trump’s coming presidential pitch a lot easier than Clinton’s, especially since he consistently wins with voters on the “change” factor too.

Team Clinton’s beginning salvo against Trump was a swift indoctrination into the political big leagues.

So far Trump’s still not recovered his footing and hasn’t begun to digest that he’s no longer being judged by just the Republican base.

All of America is watching and a lot of them are turned off by the Muslim-banning, “Mexican” judge ranting, fact-challenged dude who looks anything but presidential

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has found her zone.