THERE SEEMS to be something in the air this year.


It reads like a cliché.

Unless you’re a writer who’s committed to changing course as your muse guides.

Many of you have been around long enough to see this happen before in this space. Doing research and writing books have added a new dynamic to my journey.

Keeping track of political gossip while traveling, resting, breathing… Stepping away from this space for the very first time… When I read the headlines, I’m giddy I did.

“The Sad Decline and Fall of Bernie Sanders” is the title of a Mother Jones post recently that is as hilarious as Hillary Clinton deciding that “stronger together” is the answer to her never ending message problem.

And now people are talking about November outcome polling. It’s only May! Like that’s a problem that matters compared to other more challenging realities.

I’ve talked to several former Clinton and Obama White House aides who don’t enjoy checking in with the joyless Clinton campaign in Brooklyn. “It’s the Bataan Death March,” one says. – Maureen Dowd

Somebody was so distraught over this quote that Jim Messina showed up on “Morning Joe” today to make Clinton’s case, choosing to do so by sounding imperious.

Sanders should have had a truck of negative oppo dumped on him last October, but Clintonites and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz were too busy dreaming of a general election of The First Woman, casting nets for grandmas, and stiff-arming the crazy socialist to see what was actually going on in this country.

What did President Bill Clinton say about it all? Ah, yes, it’s been an “interesting” year.

I’ll be back after the Memorial Day holiday.

Don’t be surprised if the first thing I write about has absolutely nothing to do with politics.

The two Democratic candidates have agreed with Democratic Party officials to a new apportionment of the 15-member committee that writes the platform, according to Democratic officials familiar with the compromise worked out this month. – Anne Gearan [Washington Post]

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