Clinton crushes Sanders, Donald Trump just keeps coming.

Clinton crushes Sanders, Donald Trump just keeps coming.

FLORIDA. North Carolina. Ohio and Illinois. Missouri still out but she leads called for her today. It was a rout for Hillary Clinton, a five-state sweep. On the Republican side, John Kasich got his win, but Donald Trump remains on top.

In her remarks Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton slammed Donald Trump, who would likely push some voters her way, unless there is an outside conservative third-party bid.

In a hypothetical Clinton v. Trump contest in November, voters under 35 would choose Clinton by a crushing 52%-19%, a preference that crosses demographic lines. Among whites, she’d be backed by nearly 2-1, 45%-26%. Among Hispanics, by more than 4-1, 61%-14%. Among Asian Americans, by 5-1, 60%-11%. Among African Americans, by 13-1, 67%-5%. [USA TODAY/Rock the Vote]

Republicans are still convinced they can stop The Donald. It will be fun to watch them try.

Hillary Clinton now turns to the general election and Republicans, after dispensing with Bernie Sanders in state after state last night.

From Yahoo

After congratulating Sanders “for the vigorous campaign he’s waging,” Clinton turned to Trump, framing the election as “one of the most consequential campaigns of our lifetimes.” She specifically criticized several key aspects of his platform, including his positions on immigration and waterboarding.

“When we hear a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants, banning all Muslims from entering the United States, and he embraces torture, that doesn’t make him strong, it makes him wrong!” Clinton said. “We should be breaking down barriers, not building walls.”

It’s a very big day for the Clinton campaign who pushed back hard on trade and economics. She won the trade issue by 10 points in Ohio.

Hillary Clinton leads in delegates by over 300. In reaching young people as well as independents she’s got a lot of work to do.

Republicans seemed to find no joy in the expansive demographic win of Donald Trump.

John Kasich, who has fewer delegates than Marco Rubio who bowed out last night, has hired Stu Spencer and Charlie Black, among others, to help him with a convention floor fight. That I want to see.

Ted Cruz maintains that a floor fight in Cleveland would be madness.

Despite winning Florida, the biggest prize of the night, Trump would not at his current, front-running rate, win the 1,237 delegates required to lock up the GOP bid by the end of the primary calendar in June. That means the party would arrive for its July convention without a presumptive nominee for the first time since Ronald Reagan challenged the incumbent President Gerald Ford in 1976. [CNN]

There is “rule 40.” It allows a candidate’s name to be put into nomination with 8 state wins. That means Donald Trump. However…

But — as Republicans versed in the rules will tell you, the eight-state requirement in Rule 40 is technically temporary. The RNC could vote on a new rule at the convention in 2016 and might again change the number of states at that time.

Once upon a time, the establishment could use the convention rules to keep a candidate they didn’t like out of contention. Today nothing is out of the public eye and I just don’t see how, if Donald Trump continues to win and gets close to 1237, Republicans are going to replace him with their own candidate inside a convention that ignores Trump and his tens of thousands of supporters.

Hey, but these are their rules and they will say that 1237 is all that matters.

If Republicans screw Trump it will just rebound to Clinton’s benefit because the people will be faced with the reality that their votes don’t count.