Sunday Political Roundup: Larry David as Bernie Sanders. (via Instagram)

Super Bowl Sunday Roundup: Larry David as Bernie Sanders.
screen capture via Sanders on Instagram

“I have heard about it. It’s disgusting,” Sanders said. “Look, we don’t want that crap. … We will do everything we can and I think we have tried. Look, anybody who is supporting me that is doing the sexist things is — we don’t want them. I don’t want them. That is not what this campaign is about.” – Bernie Sanders on “Bernie’s bros,” with Jake Tapper [HuffPost]

THE CANDIDATE with the third place finish, third (that’s right), completely malfunctioned in last night’s ABC debate. And to give the lion’s share of credit where it’s due, Gov. Chris Christie annihilated him.

From Politico’s Shane Goldmacher who has the best story of the event and the winning headline.

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Marco Rubio knew exactly what he was doing on Saturday night.

Marco Rubio knew exactly what he was doing on Saturday night.

Marco Rubio knew exactly what he was doing on Saturday night. […]

For his rebuttal, Marco Rubio went on “ABC This Week” and not only embraced his robotic responses but said he’s going to keep saying them. It’s what I called the “Jack Ryan offense,” compliments of Tom Clancy. He used it in a movie with his lead character giving advice to the president: You can’t ignore the schmuck you’ve known all your life; you simply say he’s been a lifelong friend and my heart goes out to him. Translation: If you get caught in a bad situation you can’t back out. You own it.

It’s just this isn’t fiction.

John Kasich has been such a mensch it makes me almost want to root for him but then I also know he’d be a tough general election opponent, which I’ve already said.

As for Chris Christie, the Rubio slayer, I’m just not sure if New Hampshire voters believe he can prevail in the long term because of the substantial oppo research against him.

…and then there’s Jeb hoping for a save.

On Friday, Gloria Steinem said something to Bill Maher that created quite a firestorm for which she has apologized. This fabulous broad is 81.

“We were twelve crazy ladies and now it’s the majority.” – Gloria Steinem with Bill Maher

In a case of talk-show Interruptus, I misspoke on the Bill Maher show recently, and apologize for what’s been misinterpreted as implying young women aren’t serious in their politics. What I had just said on the same show was the opposite: young women are active, mad as hell about what’s happening to them, graduating in debt, but averaging a million dollars less over their lifetimes to pay it back. Whether they gravitate to Bernie or Hillary, young women are activist and feminist in greater numbers than ever before.

Bernie Sanders and Larry David on SNL was perfection, both bits. Here’s one.

And as predicted, Clinton is closing on Sanders in New Hampshire though it’s important to remember that he once was 30 points behind her in the granite state. Even more important is that New Hampshire makes fools out of predictions.

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ once-formidable lead over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire has shrunk to just 7 points, putting another Clinton comeback within reach two days before the pivotal first primary, a new Franklin Pierce University-Boston Herald poll reveals. [Boston Herald]

It all depends on what independents do.

Cam Newton is a marvel and I love watching him but it’s Peyton Manning’s last Super Bowl. I’m in it for the food, and half-time, of course.