Expect scorched earth going forward.   from Twitter, Bernie Sanders in Kansas City, Missouri

Expect scorched earth going forward.
from Twitter, Bernie Sanders rally Kansas City, MO.

THE GENERAL election to come isn’t going to be a “hope and change” election. It’s going to be a seek out and destroy endeavor.

From Ben Smith

In reality, nobody is that excited about Hillary Clinton, and young voters, women and men — the foot soldiers of any Democratic Party movement — aren’t coming around. She lost a resounding 82% of voters under 30 in Nevada. Her campaign now rests on the hope that voters of color like her well enough, if nowhere near as much as they like Obama. And that means that when she faces a Republican, she will have to destroy him — something the people who will be doing the destroying acknowledged when I asked them earlier this month.

“The slogan is ‘Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid,’” said Paul Begala, who is an adviser to the pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA.

It’s also why Bernie Sanders will lose the nomination. Sanders was never prepared to go all out to win the nomination, which would have to include contrasts with Hillary Clinton that depicted her policies negatively, sometimes even harshly. That’s not his style, which is his choice, but how he expected to beat someone like Hillary Clinton, a powerhouse persona, without tearing down the infrastructure and establishment around her is beyond me.

For whatever reason, Sanders let Democrats get in his head. He continues to talk about Secretary Clinton’s Wall Street speeches, but Clinton supporters are framing this contrast as “impugning her integrity.” His target is an issue that is real so the fainting couch by Clinton fans is laughable. They hope to make him feel guilty for trying to win, which he shouldn’t. And if anyone should complain about the media it’s Sanders, who’s been cast as a “gadfly” candidate for months and months, and now is being told the race is over when Clinton leads him in delegates by one.

Lousy Democratic turnout so far is on Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, which, as Republicans swamp the vote, is not just an embarrassment but should worry Democrats.

The ego of “movement” politics is seductive but there is a political graveyard of candidates who thought they were special enough to pull it off.

George W. Bush didn’t suggest it and neither did Bill Clinton. Winning was enough.

Barack Obama was a “movement” politician in campaigning only. Once Obama was elected he left the movement and OFA outside the White House bubble, which is how Republicans were successful in the first midterm blowout that flipped the House for a decade.

In fact, this nonchalance on movement politics is what gave birth to the Sanders candidacy.

Hillary Clinton has no delusion of being a movement politician. She will not win the presidency without making her opponent a political outcast, a pariah presidential choice.

If Donald Trump prevails, I’m just not sure she can do it without making matters worse for herself. If her negatives and “honest and trustworthy” numbers get much higher her public integrity quotient will be on life support.

Trump is a seek and destroy machine, leaving nothing untouched.

Unlike Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump has always seen the White House within his grasp and he has done whatever required to remove any obstacle in his path. Before a vote was cast, Trump landed a punch, a direct hit on President Bill Clinton, and once he gets started on Iraq and Libya, Clinton will have to unleash the hounds of political war.

You don’t win the nomination without scorched earth against your opponent.

Just ask Barack Obama, once a master at this dark art.