Bernie Sanders says it's a "virtual tie."

Bernie Sanders says it’s a “virtual tie.”

“A tie when you’re dueling with the champion is a win, even though the terrain was more hospitable to Sanders, and the diverse states beyond New Hampshire will be far more challenging for him,” Axelrod said. “She’s still the favorite, but he will raise big money off of tonight’s showing, which could, at a minimum, prolong the race.” [Bloomberg]

TRUMP’S LOSS will ripple through the Republican contest but he got more votes than any other Republican to ever compete in Iowa, except for the winner Ted Cruz. Marco Rubio finally finding a moment. While Bernie Sanders declared a “virtual tie,” which is where the night ended in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

If it’s Iowa there has to be drama.

“90 precincts were not correctly staffed,” Sanders campaign alleged around 1:00 a.m. The Iowa Democratic party under a lot of heat and now asking Sanders and Clinton campaigns to help “recreate” the vote.

The Iowa Democratic party denies the charge. I just don’t understand why the Iowa Democrats are calling the campaigns to get results… It’s a mess.

Andrea Mitchell had earlier reported that someone on the Hillary Clinton campaign staff declared victory before any network had declared it. She was barely .3 points ahead when this started rippling through the cable channels, social media and beyond. As you can imagine there was a lot of noise over this. Later on the press plane, Mitchell said Clinton’s team said they “believed” she won.

Sanders began in Iowa over 40 points behind. It is a very liberal state, with many Democrats saying they’re socialists.

Iowa isn’t conducive to feminists, let alone Hillary Clinton. She doesn’t castrate pigs.

There were 3 coin tosses, according to Steve Kornacki, that literally changed the outcome, as of this post, landing in Clinton’s favor. Coin. Tosses.

But Bernie Sanders pulling even with Hillary Clinton in Iowa isn’t where the Clinton camp thought they’d be today. It will focus the attention of every single Democratic politician and their allies on a new reality.

Clinton was good when she gave her stump speech.

Sanders was better for one powerful reason. He has a message and presses his point every time he speaks.

Oh, and Sanders also knows how to aggressively question election results when the voting is close and everyone has gone home after a very long day.