New Hampshire votes while everyone waits to see how close Clinton will come to Sanders.

New Hampshire votes while everyone waits to see how close Clinton will come to Sanders.

“Feminism isn’t about making a woman the same or better than a man. Just to support someone because she is a woman isn’t what that is about. Just to put someone in office because they are a woman is a step back.” – Megan Smilikis, 18, of Massachusetts [Sam Stein, Amanda Turkel – HuffPost]

WATCHING AND reading tweets while we wait for the outcome in New Hampshire. Whispers of Marco Rubio sinking in some early polling but not in others. Jeb Bush in second in one but not in others. Sanders leading by 20-plus, or Hillary Clinton closing to 7 or maybe 9.

Tweets are flying.

It I had a nickel for all the conversations I’ve had over that one.

Rachel Maddow called it “nasty,” if I heard correctly.

Those not wanting to hear analysis of present realities that don’t comport to their “Go Hillary” mindset have no space to consider earned criticism.

Why is it that I feel the girl’s defense against the boys’ attacks come off to me as whining. It sounds so 2008. I know it sucks to have vile comments hurled your way and if it’s bullying or threatening, take action. If not, block the jerk, woman or man. It’s true no one should have to go through such hatred. I don’t understand why a campaign wasn’t started immediately by the Clinton team, making sure Senator Sanders was forwarded or included in every vile response. Deluge them with it. Or ignore it.

Nobody is doubting Hillary Clinton faces sexism. That certain suspects in the media aren’t fair. If you read Sam Stein and Amanda Terkel’s reporting you’ll get confirmation that everyone knows these facts.

Hillary Clinton isn’t the only woman or the last to face unfair criticism, media scrutiny gone wild, and an offensive new media sphere. Her privileged position, however, makes relating to her challenges a matter of generosity because of the reach and access she has to prosecute wrongs.

Every female Sanders supporter interviewed for this piece agreed that Clinton has faced sexism and double standards throughout her career. And they also felt that it was because of those roadblocks that she’d had to adopt what some perceive to be not-so-appealing political traits (ambition and firmness being the two terms most frequently used). Their empathy for her was made even deeper by the fact that many had faced sexism in their careers.

“Nothing can be tougher than having your boss tell you you can’t have the raise you deserve because the other guys are married and have kids,” said Joni Salvas, 74, who was volunteering at Clinton’s Manchester office and had worked in manufacturing.

“Hillary has been through that too, absolutely. But not as bluntly as I have,” she added.

Whatever assessment Hillary Clinton does with her advisers after New Hampshire I hope they all bring mirrors. They’ll need them even if they close within 5 of Sanders because all it will mean is they got lucky. Team Clinton should never have gotten into this position.