Samantha Bee's "Full Frontal" debuted last night and it was epic.  screen capture from YouTube below

Samantha Bee’s “Full Frontal” debuted last night and it was epic.
screen capture from YouTube below

SAMANTHA BEE took late night by storm last night.

Bee landed on Bernie Sanders but her comment to Hillary Clinton’s statement that she didn’t think she’d “be standing here asking you to vote for me for president” was classic.

“Oh, f*#! off.” – Samantha Bee

Yep, nailed it!

Removing any doubt of Clinton’s disingenuous statement, Samantha Bee pretty much summed up the ridiculousness of hoisting the canard and expecting anyone to believe it.

The writing is spectacular.

Samantha Bee is perfection. Her “The Daily Show” persona taking over the whole stage and not only making it hers but ours.

It is my feminist late night dream show after only one episode. Nobody escapes SB’s withering gaze.

Reviews are raves, starting with the New York Times.

There were some jabs at Democrats — Bernie Sanders was old, “Hermione Clinton” was ambitious — but she saved her sharpest jibes for the Republicans, whose most recent debate, she said, “was a cascade of fail.”

Donald J. Trump was “an oddly tinted compilation of psychiatric symptoms” and a “sentient ‘caps lock’ button.” And Marco Rubio’s assertion that Hillary Clinton supported abortion until a pregnant woman’s due date was “the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.” Mr. Rubio, Ms. Bee joked, was implying that Mrs. Clinton wanted to deliver babies “directly into a Vitamix so that Planned Parenthood can sell it to Whole Foods.”

The political topics in the first “Full Frontal” might have been on any late-night show. But Ms. Bee’s feminist perspective showed in the angles that she took — a reel of past election moments included Barack Obama in a 2008 debate, telling Mrs. Clinton she was “likable enough” — and in the stories she highlighted, like a Kansas state senator who established a dress code for women testifying before his committee.

Would another late-night show have made these points? Sure, maybe, eventually. On “Full Frontal,” though, “eventually” was now.